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10 Reasons To Go To Goa For Your Honeymoon

 Honeymoons are meant to celebrate the glowing and growing love between newlyweds, and the excitement of their new beginnings as a married couple. This precious time is never going to comeagain, and you must make the most of it, which is why you need to choose a destination that will allow you to experience a variety of exciting activities together in a relaxing and comfortable environment, and Goa is one of the best places to do just that. goa beachThere is no shortage of reasons to go to Goa under any circumstances, but when it comes to honeymoons, there can be no better place. Here are 10 of the many reasons that make Goa the best honeymoon destination for any couple!
  1.     The Beaches Golden sand beachesThe Golden sand beaches of Goa are definitely the best reason to visit Goa for your honeymoon, where you can lie together on the powdery sand and soak in the sun, or take leisurely romantic walks with the waves lapping your feet and watch the sun sink into the majestic Arabian Sea. Relaxation is key to a romantic honeymoon, and the beaches of Goa make for a perfect tropical retreat. If you want something more happening, go to the North coast beaches of Goa. Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Dona Paula, Vagator and Bambolim are some of the most popular beaches in North Goa. However, if you want some seclusion and privacy to relax in, try Colva Beach, Varca Beach, Palolem Beach or Benaulim Beach in South Goa. 2.      Perfect Climate Through most of the year, Goa has a perfect tropical Island climate - the sun shining brightly creating warm beach-friendly weather. The winters are short, only lasting a month or two, with temperatures staying above 21 degrees. With June arrive the monsoon rains, and while most foreign tourists trickle down during this time, I feel it can be a great time for a romantic honeymoon. Goa is beautiful at this time, with the greens popping out even more, and the dust and heat washed away. Plus, I’ve always found rain to be incredibly romantic, bringing out the playful child in you, the beauty and magic bringing you closer together. With the fewer tourist crowds, you can also have an even better chance at a secluded romantic getaway. 3.     Breathtaking Scenic Beauty Apart from the picture-perfect beaches, Goa is blessed with rolling greens of palm trees, and meandering rivers. There are 5 rivers in Goa, which have countless estuaries and form creeks and bays along the way. These backwaters can offer a romantic backdrop for your honeymoon, and you can even opt for a stay in one of the exotic hotels on these riverbanks. Goa is also home to India’s highest waterfall, the Goa Dudhsagar Waterfall, which is 2,000 ft high. Enjoy sensuous candle light dinners with breathtaking views laid out in front of you and you will make memories that will last you forever. 4.     The History and Heritage Goa is not just a beach destination, but is extremely rich in culture and history. Visiting these places with the love of your life can make for a truly magical honeymoon experience. Goa is a former Portuguese colony, and most of its architecture and historical sites have this influence. Walk through the streets and see first-hand this colonial architecture, or visit the UNESCO Heritage Zone of Fontainhas in the capital city of Panjim or Panaji, which offers a walk through history with its old-fashioned Portuguese style houses and 19th century churches and buildings huddled along narrow winding streets. 5.     The Cultural Experience Goa not only offers Indian cultural experiences, but also that of Portugal. There are both churches and temples you can visit, as well as forts, such as the Cabo Da Rama Fort, Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, the Basilica of Bom, Church of Mary, Shri Shantadurga Temple and Shri Mangeshi Temple. Apart from these, don’t miss out on the various festivals and carnivals that take place on the beaches of Goa, such as the Goa Carnival, Sao Joao monsoon festival, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival and the Shigmo Festival. 6.     Exotic Wildlife and Marine Life Animal lovers will find some amazing opportunities to view some amazing wildlife and marine life in Goa, as it is known as a biodiversity hotspot. The Dr Salim’s Bird Sanctuary is extremely popular with bird enthusiasts, and for other animal species be sure to visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. For a taste of the exotic marine life of Goa makes for some exciting snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. There are also dolphin viewing cruises and chances to spot alligators in the backwaters. There can be nothing more romantic and thrilling than discovering new and exciting things hand in hand with your new life partner. 7.     The Delicious Local Cuisine The delicious and unique local cuisine is another great reason to visit Goa on your honeymoon. This is the time to live in luxury, experience new things and eat, drink and be merry. Try some of the local Goan dishes, which mostly consist of seafood curries cooked with coconut oil. The food has both Hindu and Catholic influences, both having distinct tastes. Some of the most popular dishes include Vindaloo and Sorpotel, which are Catholic Pork dishes, and Khatkhate, which is a Hindu vegetarian dish. 8.     Amazing Water Sports A perfect honeymoon always has a hint of adventure, and Goa offers the best kind. The water sports in Goa range from para sailing, paragliding, water scooters and water skiing to snorkeling, scuba diving and wind-surfing. I have always found that these experiences help a couple kick back and have some fun together and to make some memories at the same time. Baga Beach is the best for water-sports activities. 9.     Laid-back Atmosphere One of the best things about Goa is the friendly people from around the world as well as hospitable locals that you meet here. The atmosphere that is created is extremely laid back, and you can relax and chill with your loved one and meet new people and make friends as a couple. The beaches are strewn with huts that sell drinks and offer psychedelic music to groove to, and you can lounge on the couches or bean bags or just lie on the warm sand and just laze away, enjoying the luxury of no responsibilities, commitments or care. 10.Happening nightlife For couples that are into the whole clubbing and disco experience, Goa offers some of the most happening night scenes to dance away your worries. Couples can escape into this world of flowing beats and enjoy intimate evenings in each other arms in this exotic beach getaway. Some of the most popular discos in town are the Bamboo Forest Disco, Club Cabana, and Paradiso Disco. Goa is one of those rare places that have something for everyone, making it a perfect tourist destination and even more so for newly-wed couples who want to try a little bit of everything with the love of their life by their side.
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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