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Why Rajasthan is the best place to visit during Navratri

A burst of colours, a dash of vigour and a hug bubble of energy—these define Indian festivals and the true character of festivity in India- the land of vibrancy.Especially so during Navratri—the festival of nine nights—that have myriad names across varied parts of the country. In addition, navratri is known by several names across India but is dedicated to Goddess Durga—in her nine different forms. Rajasthan, otherwise known for its palaces and sand dunes—become an altogether differ place during Navratri.

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1) What’s On In Rajasthan During Navratri? Navratra Festival Image Source Besides the usual rituals that keep you energized through navratri, Rajasthan is celebrate the fest with a traditional form of dance called dandiya and garba. • The latter is the state-dance of Gujarat as well. Smaller towns in Rajasthan and the interior villages have fairs throughout this time and immense pleasure is found as you gorge on the fantastic street foods available at this time. • Special attractions include churma, parichaat, bajre ka halwa and the like. 2) Plan A Navratri Trip

• If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan around the time of navratri then you must ensure you stay over at Udaipur. The famed city of Lakes has many different ways of celebrating navratri but garba remains common across these.

• You will find numerous pandals around the city that host dandiya functions. Of late, there are innovative ways of playing dandiya or organizing garba. From disco dandiya to DJ dandiyas, Rajasthan is sure know how to work the magic around Navratri.

• Not may know that Sutharwada in Rajasthan is famed for its Navratri celebrations as well. The place attracts tourists and devotees from around the world who make it a point to visit in order to soak into the astounding decorations, lights and Durga idols.

• The famous temples here too receive a fresh whip of life during these nine nights. The temples of Amba mata, Kalka Mata, Bedla Mata and Kami Mata are thronged in hordes.

• In addition, tourists find the Untala Mata temple at Vallabhnagar a not-to-be-missed attraction given the grand scale of puja performed here during navratri in Rajasthan.

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3) A Dash Of ‘Bengaliness’ In Rajasthan

navratra bengaliImage Source

Interestingly, Rajasthan is not just known for the navratri celebrations by the indigenous communities here. There are huge numbers of Bengali residents settled in the state. As a result, you might even be luckier to visit one of the pandals for Durga Puja—that are true blue traditional! While Kolkata has a distinct culture of its own, the amalgamation of Rajasthani and Bengali threads here make Rajasthan all the more beautiful during the nine nights of Navratri.

4) Must-Dos For Navratri

navratraImage Source

• While in Rajasthan, during Navratri make it a point to catch up on the aarti on any one night of the fiesta. • You will fall in love with the aarti ki thalis that go around in group who are all keen to welcome Goddess Shakti into their home for the festival.

The chatter of the young crowds, the clattering sound of the glass-motifed garba attire the women flaunt and the unmistakable beauty of a traditional saafa that goes around the head of the men—all form unique parts of the festival that brings together young and old, rich and poor, conservative and modern—without much thought!

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5) Wrapping Up On A Festive Note

The festival is grand and Rajasthan only turns grander at the time of the same. Try and feat on sumptuous laddoos or the ghee-laden halwa that makes you smack the last morsel off your palm, from one of the many stalls that you will chance upon here. Navratri is a cultural high; it is a part of Rajasthan’s culture, traditions and diversity. No wonder the state turns way more beautiful during the festival of nine nights!

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