Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali

Top 10 Precautions To Take While Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali

If you are visiting Ubud then one of the most amazing tourist activity is to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest which is having more than 300 monkeys living amidst the green flora with a beautiful Hindu temple located in the forest. The forest opens from 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM with an entry fee of 1.64 USD.

Though the monkeys looks cute and cuddly you need to take few precautions before and after you enter the forest:

1. Taking Food should be amiss :-

monkeys attack on foodImage - bezmapy

If you are having any kind of food item in your bag while visiting Ubud Monkey forest be prepared to get attacked by the monkeys as they might just figure out the aroma of the food. Therefore you should not carry any food item specially no bananas.

2. Don’t accessorize yourself with backpacks :-

Dont accessorizeImage - gogogadabout

Another most important thing that drives the monkeys towards you are the loose accessories, backpacks and the fancy clutches in hand. So leave these things back before entering the forest. Keep your cameras tight. Also avoid any kind of metal or shining objects.

3. Say No to Teasing :-

Say No to TeasingImage - donenright

Some people love to act smart and try to be little cheeky with the monkeys. So avoid staring at them or teasing them in order to be safe during the visit. Else you will be attack by the bigger monkeys that can make your visit unpleasant one.

4. Visit Early in the morning :-

In order to enjoy your visit to the forest and the scenic beauty of the sacred temple it is advisable to visit the place during the early hours of its opening timings. It will be the best time to click on pictures with lesser crowd making the monkeys disturbed.

5. Wear a Sarong and sash in the temple :-

Wear a Sarong and SashImage - travelpod Being a sacred place the temple situated in the ubud monkey forest has certain rules and regulations. One needs to wear a proper sarong and sash while entering the temple. The man in a kiosk near the temple will be the one who supplies them so contact him once you visit the temple.

6. Make no eye contact with monkeys :-

Make no eye contact with monkeysImage - wikimedia Seen as a sign of aggression to the monkeys, you should be beware of making the eye contact with the monkeys if they happen to climb upon you.

7. Have a pre-rabbies vaccine:-

As rabbies is quite prevalent in Bali and since the forest is full of monkeys it is always advisable to have a pre-rabbies vaccine. Also if you are bitten by one of the creatures immediately clear the wound with water and apply a betadine covered with cotton.

8. Always prefer wearing shoes :-

Since the monkey bites are quite common in the area it is advisable to wear closed shoes so that the monkey bite on your toe. A lot of people have lost their flip flops in the process of visiting the place.

9. Never encourage the climbing of monkeys :-

never encourageImage - silverspoonlondon If you are looking to get a picture clicked with monkey climbing on you with a banana you should think twice before encouraging it. You can be a victim of scratches and bites. Also you should avoid panic and screaming when the monkeys climbed upon you.

10 .Beware of slipping :-

As some parts of the forest is quite slippery therefore one should be a little careful while walking. Since rains are quite frequent in the place the ground gets very slippery most of the times.

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