30 Popular Lakes In India

1. Wular Lake, Jammu and Kashmir -  Wular LakesImage - indiatimes Wular Lake located in Jammu and Kashmir is the largest freshwater lake in India. It is a popular picnic spot amongst the tourists. Best time to visit: June to August 2. Loktak Lake, Manipur -  Loktak Lake, ManipurImage - wikimedia Blessed with rich variety of flora and fauna, Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake in north-east India. It is the only floating lake in the world because of the presence of floating phumdis on it. Best time to visit: November to early March 3. Damdama Lake - Damdama LakeImage - wikimedia Damdama Lake located on Gurgaon-Alwar road is a nice place for having fun trip and picnic day tour. It offers ample scope for boating and if you are a keen rock climber then you can test your skills on the rock climbing walls at adventure resort. Best time to visit: October to March 4. Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir -  Dal Lake, Jammu and KashmirImage - wikimedia The dazzling calm waters and snow-capped mountains surrounding Dal Lake from three sides make it an immensely popular amongst tourists. It is the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir and has beautiful gardens all along its shores. Best time to visit: During the months of July and August 5. Pichola Lake, Rajasthan -  Pichola Lake, RajasthanImage - wikimedia Pichola Lake is a beautiful and picturesque lake located in the heart of the city, Udaipur. It looks more charming because of its scenic surroundings. Best time to visit: October to March

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6. Gurudongmar Lake -  Gurudongmar LakeImage - thinkingparticle A trip to Sikkim is incomplete without visiting Gurudongmar Lake. This beautiful and spectacular lake is surrounded by snow clad mountains on all sides. Best time to visit: November to June 7. Chilka Lake, Odisha -  Chilka Lake, OdishaImage - wikimedia Being a home to a wide variety of migratory bird, the Chilka Lake is an important lake in the world. This placid and picturesque lake offers an amazing display of its beauty to the tourists. Best time to visit: October to March when migratory birds arrive here 8. Vembanad Lake - Vembanad LakeImage - wikimedia Vembanad Lake is the largest salty lagoon in Kerala. It serves as an alluring picnic spot and interesting backwater destination for the tourists. Surrounded by coconut trees and evergreen forests, Vembanad Lake invites a large number of water birds to its wooded banks. Best time to visit: November to March 9. Bhimtal Lake, Uttarakhand -  Bhimtal Lake UttarakhandImage - flickr Bhimtal Lake is mainly popular among the local travelers and tourists as a picnic spot where you can enjoy boating. The lake contains an island that can be accessed only through boats. Best time to visit: February – April and August - November 10. Upper lake Or Bhojtal -  Upper lake Or BhojtalImage - indiaataglance Upper lake Or Bhojtal is a man-made lake. This is a must see place when you are in Bhopal. Its water is crystal clear and it offers a large number of sports activities to the tourists to enjoy. Best time to visit: July to February 11. Pangong Lake –Ladakh -  Pangong Lake LadakhImage - wikimedia Located in the higher reaches of Himalayas, Pangong Lake is well known for its changing colors. It freezes completely during the winter season. Best time to visit: June to September

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12. Sambhar Salt Lake – Rajasthan - Sambhar Salt LakeImage - flickr The salt lake located 65 km away from Jaipur is a main centre for the production of salt. It is also an attractive place for the bird lovers to enjoy bird-watching. Best time to visit: October to March 13. Chandratal Lake - chandratal-lakeImage - indiamike Chandratal Lake or Moon Lake is a beautiful lake that remains frozen during the winter season. Although the color of this lake is blue but it changes its color with the color of the sky. Best time to visit: June to September 14. Nainital Lake – Uttarakhand - Nainital Lake - UttarakhandImage - trekearth This beautiful lake is the centre piece of Nainital and is very popular among the tourists. boating can be enjoyed here in bright colored gondola like boats. Best time to visit: April to June, September and October 15. Pushkar Lake -  Pushkar LakeImage - trekearth This holy lake has immense significance because it is believed that this lake was created with the touch of lotus petal of Lord Brahma. Best time to visit: July to September 16. Sattal, Uttarakhand - Sat Tal UttarakhandImage - flickr Sat Tal is a bunch of inter-connected seven lakes. It is one of the unpolluted and unspoiled freshwater lakes in India. It is a paradise for the migratory birds. Best time to visit: March to June and September to November 17. Tam Dil, Mizoram - Tam Dil, MizoramImage - indiareviewchannel Tam Dil is a part of fishing reservoir and the fisheries department is responsible for its maintenance. Best time to visit: October to March 18. Changu Lake (Tsongmo), Sikkim - Changu Lake (Tsongmo), SikkimImage - wikimedia Changu Lake, highly revered by the Hindus and Buddhists is one of the most stunning tourist attractions of Sikkim. Best time to visit: April to July

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19. Venna Lake, Maharashtra - Venna Lake, MaharashtraImage - wikimedia Surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, the Venna Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Maharashtra. Best time to visit: all round the year 20. Berijam Lake, Tamil Nadu -  Berijam Lake, Tamil NaduImage - sazp Beautiful and tranquil Berijam Lake is an ideal place for romantic escapes and family picnics. Best time to visit: September to January 21. Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad -  Hussain-Sagar-LakeImage - amazonaws Hussain Sagar Lake is an artificial freshwater lake that always remains busy with the picnic-goers and tourists. Best time to visit: October to March 22. Nakki Lake, Rajasthan - Nakki Lake, RajasthanImage - indovacations The beautiful man-made Nakki Lake surrounded by hills on all sides is a perfect place for romantic escape and family picnics. Best time to visit: November to March 23. Thol Lake, Gujarat - Thol Lake, GujaratImage - gujarattourism Thol Lake, a shallow freshwater body is a mesmerizing tourist destination near Ahmedabad that offers distinct ambience to the visitors and ideal dwelling to various birds and insects. Best time to visit: November to February 24. Kareri Lake - Kareri_LakeImage - wikimedia Kareri Lake is a glacial lake that offers quieter and richer trekking experience to the trekkers. Best time to visit: March to October 25. Tso Moriri Lake - Tso Moriri LakeImage - flickr Tso Moriri Lake is a calm, beautiful and sacred lake. The picturesque landscape around this lake makes it an ideal place for picnicking and romantic escapes. Best time to visit: May to September 26. Sumendu Lake, Mirik Darjeeling - Sumendu Lake, Mirik DarjeelingImage - cimg Sumendu Lake is a picturesque destination located in the scenic hills of Darjeeling. Pony riding and boating on shikaras can be enjoyed here. Best time to visit: April to June, September toNovember

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27. Sela Lake, Arunachal Pradesh -  Sela Lake, Arunachal PradeshImage - trekearth Sela Lake located right above the Sela pass is considered very sacred by the Buddhists and is a major tourist attraction in Arunachal Pradesh. Best time to visit: October to April 28. Saputara Lake, Gujarat - Saputara Lake, GujaratImage - gujarattourism Well known for its adjoining gardens and wildlife, Saputara Lake is an ideal tourist destination for families. Best time to visit: March to November 29. Emerald Lake, Ooty - Emerald Lake, OotyImage - flickr Emerald lake is a favorite spot for Ornithologists and nature lovers. It is a beautiful picnic spot that should not be missed when you are in Ooty. Best time to visit: All the year round 30. Hesaraghatta Lake, Bangalore -  Hesaraghatta Lake in Bangalore, KarnatakaImage - wikimedia Hesaraghatta Lake is a well planned man-made lake that provides constant water supply for Bangalore. The lakeside is considered as the perfect place for bird watching. Best time to visit: October to January
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