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10 Places To Visit When In Thailand

The reason many tourists flock to Thailand almost all round the year is quite simple- it has everything a place needs to be beautiful. Lush green forests, amazing wildlife, towering hills, thedeep blue sea, a touch of tranquility and an ocean of modernity, friendly people and a heavenly massage. When in Thailand, enjoy your life fully, for these will be a trip that will stay with you for a lifetime.

List of 10 places one must check out when in Thailand

 1. Bangkok bangkokYou ask for it and you get it, in Bangkok. Thailand’s capital city and one of the most visited cities in the world, Bangkok is often termed as a concrete jungle. But there is more to this place with the green spaces, the scenic canals and the tantalizing feeling that Bangkok is. With towering skyscrapers to magnificent palaces, five star restaurants to awesome street food, the Thai massage to the nightclubs, Bangkok offers everything any traveller would need.

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 2. Khao Sok National Park khao-sok-national-parkImagine a safari into the depths of the tropical rainforests, surrounded by lush green trees, elephants at a distance, deers dancing nearby and monkeys swinging over your head in harmony. That is Khao Sok National Park for you. Considered the most beautiful reserve in Thailand by many, this park that covers rivers, lakes, limestone karsts and unending greenery isn’t to be missed when in Thailand.  3. Chiang Rai chiang-raiTrekking in the lush green hills of Northern Thailand is an experience everyone who has adventure in the heart would like to experience. Chiang Rai, the northernmost city in Thailand serves as a base for those travellers. This is where you start your journey into the wild north of Thailand. It is the main commercial hub of the Golden Triangle that concerns Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.  4. Grand Palace grand-palaceThe official residence of the Kings of Siam and now a famed tourist spot, Grand Palace is situated in the heart of Bangkok. Guided tours take place here all day long and these tours take you deep into the history and culture that Thailand is.  5. Pai paiThis is the ultimate backpacker’s location in Thailand. If you are not interested in roaming the cities and getting lost, get lost here at Pai. With a picturesque valley and an atmosphere that is far more better and relaxed than any other place in Thailand, this place will wonder you no ends. Just lie down in the woods and stare into the night sky. Getting lost is guaranteed.  6. Phanom Rung phanom-rungIf Mount Kailash is far away for you, Phanom rung fills the gap. Regarded for its impeccable architecture and dedicated to Lord Shiva, this shrine was made to represent the sacred home of Shiva. One of the most sacred Hindu places in the country, it is a favoured tourist destination too. Undoubtedly, thousands of devotees flock on Maha Shivaratri to this marvel of sandstone and late rite that sits atop an extinct volcano.  7. Jim Thompson House jim-thompsonA collection of the best art forms of Thailand, this is a famous museum that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. It is arguably the one place where one gets to have a glimpse of Thailand’s culture under one roof.  8. Kanchanaburi kanchanaburiBest known for the Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi is situated in western Thailand and is known all over for its beauty, its proximity to the major national parks and the plethora of waterfalls it houses. This place is inked red with tragic history and is also at once one of the most beautiful and pristine locations in Thailand. A visit to this place will leave you with memories that will be hard to shake off.  9. The Islands phi-phi-islandOne would not end praising the islands of Thailand. And I confess, one article isn’t ever enough if someone starts writing about the beaches that Thailand offers, the tranquility you feel as you walk through the sand, the wind hitting your face and the waves brushing your feet. Famous all over the world for their gorgeous scenery, their white and clean beaches and also for their party atmosphere, the islands of Thailand will leave you with a feeling that would make you want to stay here some more. Phuket is especially well known all over the world.

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 10. Railay Railay-BeachThey say the most beautiful places are the hardest to reach. Railay is an example to that claim. Accessible only by boats because the high limestone cliffs cut off access to the mainland, this is a beautiful peninsula that is famed for rock climbing. With a quiet and relaxing atmosphere and beautiful beaches, this is one place that would find a place in everyone’s itinerary to Thailand. Thailand is a place that will not only make you feel awe but also make you feel more human. A trip to Thailand is always a plunge into wilderness- a wilderness that we seem to have forgotten. There are places where everyone must go once in a lifetime. Thailand fits that description.
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