Top 9 Places To Visit In Srinagar

Located on the banks of River Jhelum, Sri Nagar is one of the beautiful capital city of Kashmir. A city full of houseboats, Chinar Trees, Tulips as well as religious monuments is ideal to explore with your family and romantic beloved. It is the perfect jewel of the destination.

Here are few top places to visit in Srinagar:

1. Dal Lake:-

Dal LakeImage - safarehend

Get a life time experience with the amazing Shikara or the houseboat on the amazing waters of Dal Lake. One of the most fascinating attraction of Srinagar it is a jewel in the summer capital and brings out a mesmerizing feel to your trip to the place.

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2. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden:-

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip GardenImage - planetflowers

Are you having the love for the flowers then visiting Asia’s largest tulip garden in Sri Nagar is the perfect bliss. Nature is in its full bloom at this place. A picturesque beauty entrenched within the area of 12 hectares.

3. Pari Mahal:-

Pari MahalImage - bestplacestovisitinkashmir

A beautiful palace on the name of the angelic fairies, the Pari Mahal bears a historical significance. Once a Buddhist monastery this place is reminiscent of the abode of paradise. Situated on the mountain range will give you the glimpse of the beautiful city of Srinagar.

4. HazratBal:-

Hazratbal MosquenewImage - odysseytravels

Located at the western shore of Dal Lake, this elegant white mosaic shrine of the heir of Prophet Mohammed. The religious shrine dates back to the reign of Shahjahan. It is intricate with the Persian architecture and gives out a religious bliss to the senses. Women too are allowed in the initial area of the shrine.

5. Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary:-

Dachigam Wildlife SanctuaryImage - flickr

Symbolic means the ten villages that are relocated to construct the wildlife sanctuary reflecting the natural regime of the wildlife. The Park is having endangered species as well as represent the pretty flora of Srinagar. From Kashmir Tag,leopard, black bear to goat species like Markhor and Ibex.

6. Sri Pratap Singh Museum:-

Sri Pratap Singh MuseumImage - tripadvisor

Named after ruling king Pratap Singh, signifies the Kashmiri clothes, birds as well as mammoths, weapons etc. The museum is symbolic of the different collections and habitations of the area. It is a must visit site if you are looking out to get the glimpse of the museum.

7. Shankaracharya Hill:-

Shankaracharya HillImage - sanatandharm

Decked with a Shiva Temple, the Shankaracharya Hill is very huge and widely forested with the reflections of the ancient grey stones. It is known as the Throne of Solemon and has to be stepped up through the stairway. No cameras or photography is allowed at the place.

8. Chashme Shahi Gardens:-

Chashme Shahi GardensImage - allwonders

The beautiful Mughal Garden is having the natural spring that gives out the fresh water. The lush green garden is terraced across the carpeted greenery all around. Numerous Chinar tree adorned fresh fruits trees are inlined within the majestic garden. Wide Fountains, waterfalls and amazing flowers are brewed in the garden.

9. Kheer Bhawani Temple:-

Kheer Bhawani TempleImage - 4to40

Constructed upon the natural spring, this sacred temple of Kheer Bhawani. It is located amidst the luscious Chinar trees and rippling waters of the river, it is the abode of Goddess Ranganya.

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