Top 10 Places To Visit In Shimla

Venture amongst the snow clad mountains, ethereal nature and bask in the serenity of India’s most proclaimed hill stations, Shimla. A baldachin of aesthetic and marvel, Shimla can enthrall any set of eyes befalling it. So if you are already wondering about what makes Shimla an exclusive tourist destination take a glance and see for yourself.

1. The Ridge -

The RidgeImage – wikipedia

Prominent as one can be, the Ridge which is located at the heart of Shimla, essays a critical role being the hub for ethnic festivities. It also plays host to the Summer Festival and various cultural fairs held by the government of Shimla. Of many things, the sight of the Ridge submerged in fresh snow can easily captivate your gaze. Time:8 am to 6 pm Entry Fee: Free Website:

2. Jakhoo Temple -

Jakhoo TempleImage – panoramio

Dedicated to the most humble and faithful follower of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman, Jakhoo temple in Shimla is a living reminder of the mythological legend, Ramayana. Perched atop the Jakhoo hills, it welcomes a horde of ardent followers of Hanuman and Ram. World’s largest statue, a 108-feet high idol of Hanuman is also located near Jakhoo temple for many eyes to feast on. Time: 7 am to 8 pm Entry Fee: Free Website:

3. Rashtrapati Niwas -

Rashtrapati NiwasImage - wikipedia

The former residence of British Viceroy of India, Rashtrapati Niwas also famously known as Viceregal Lodge takes you back in time to the British rule thanks to the ancient articles and photographs. Mounted atop the Observatory Hills it is an epitome of luxury and regality making a hotspot tourist attraction. Time: 10 am to 5 pm (Closed: Monday) Entry Fee: • INR 20 (Indians) • INR 50 (Foreigners) Website:

4. Christ Church -

Christ Church n shimlaImage – flickr

An enduring legacy left behind by the British Raj, Christ Church today is deemed as one of the most imperative landmarks of Shimla.However, the true beauty of this majestic structure can only be witnessed at night, when it stands scintillating in all its eternal glory and monumental grandeur. Time: 8 am to 6 pm Entry Fee: Free Website:

5. Summer Hill -

summer hill a must visit attraction in himachal pradeshImage – flickr

Summer Hill is a perfect picturesque for palpable nature lovers and solitude seeking individuals. A small town bestowed with lavish natural scenery and an ambience filled with peace and calm, Summer Hill is therefore, the most ideal sought after by tourists. Entry Fee: Free Website:

6. Kufri -

KufriImage – flickr

Derived from the word “kurf”, meaning Lake in local language, Kufri is a beautiful snow clad mountain destination in Shimla. For tourists looking to dwell themselves in the quest of enriching wild-life, Kufri is the ideal destination. A vast variety of species such as antelopes, Himalayan monal and birds can be found here. You can also find a temple over the highest peak. Time: 10 am to 6 pm Entry Fee: INR 25 per head(The costs differ if you hire a horse or a guide to climb the mountains)

7. Majathlal Sanctuary -

Majathlal SanctuaryImage – fanpop

Established in the year 1962, Majathlal Sanctuary is a popular wild-life attraction near Shimla. Its peculiarities include extinct species of leopard, black bears and black francolin. As a tourist you can experience trekking and jeep safari across a vast forest cover of 40 km.

8. Gurkha Gate -

Gurkha GateImage – shimlaonline

A memorial for the Gurkha soldiers, Gurkha Gate is a monument of paramount historical value. Tourists can relive the brave tales and stories of various Gurkha soldiers at various stone built houses residing near the Gurkha Gate.

9. DorjeDrak Monastery -

dorje drak monasteryImage – tripadvisor

After incurring a huge destruction from the havoc caused by Battle of Chambo, DorjeDrak monastery was rebuilt to its formal state of glory. Today, it serves as a seat of the throne holder and a constant canvas of scriptures, traditional texts and treasures of traditional dynasties. It is a fascinated tourist spot because of this. Time: 10 am to 5 pm Entry Fee: Free

10. Himachal State Museum -

State MuseumImage – flickr

Opened on January 26, 1974, Himachal State Museum aimed to preserve various artistic and historical human works. For history freaks and enthusiasts it offers a rare variety of Victorian mansion from the British times and a plethora of enthralling sculptures, artifacts and works of archaeological significance. Time: 10 am to 5 pm Entry Fee: • Indian– INR 20 • Foreigner – INR 100 Website:

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