6 Places To Visit In Pune

Being among the greenest urban areas in India, surrounded with hills and lakes, Pune is popular as the Queen of Deccan. Known to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune is now evolved into the centre for theatre, crafts, art and education. Experience its rich history and visit these places in Pune on your nexttrip:

1. Darshan Museum -

darshan-museumImage Source

Dedicated to the renowned scholar and saint, Sadhu Vaswani, the Darshan Museum is an insight into his life and teachings. An array of distinct technologies have been used in this museum including holographic screens, audio - visuals, mannequins etc. The narration in the form of light and sound with a choice between 2 languages (Hindi and English) makes it a rather emotive experience for the visitor.

Timings – All days of the week except Thursday, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM Entry fee – Free Website –

2. Aga Khan Palace and Gandhi National Memorial -

Aga Khan Palace and Gandhi National MemorialImage Source

Built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III in 1892 as a token of charity to help the poor in the neighbouring areas, the Aga Khan Palace is the perfect blend of Indian history and majestic architecture. It made its landmark in Indian History when it served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi, Mahadev Desai, Kasturba Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu.

Take a part of the heritage with you from the shop in the complex where khadi cloths and handloom textiles are sold.

Timings – 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Entry fee – Rs 5 for Indians, Rs 100 for Foreign tourist Website –

3. Osho Ashram -

Osho AshramImage Source

Located in an upscale suburb, this iconic ashram / resort has been attracting many seekers since Osho passed away in 1990. Regular training programs on spiritual uplift and meditation are taken place here along with an array of recreational activities.To calm one’s mind, to seek inner peace and to learn to love yourself one must visit the blissful Osho ashram.

Timings – 9:00 am –3:30 pm Entry fee – Rs1560 for international visitors and Rs 760 for Indians Website –

4. Shaniwar Wada -

Shaniwar WadaImage Source

Shaniwarwada is located in the heart of the Pune city. Mugal architecture and design being the main influence, this magnificent palace was built in 1736 by BajiraoPeshwar and was the political seat of the Peshwas till 1818. Grand fountains, audience halls, courtyards, residential areas add the charm to its beauty. Make it a point not to miss out on the mesmerising sound and light show that takes place here every evening in both Marathi and English.

Timings – 8:00 am – 6:30 pm Entry fee – Rs. 5 per person Website –

5. Empress Garden -

Empress-GardenImage Source

The Empress Garden is one of the most historically and botanically important gardens in Pune. Its name was given to it in the honour of Queen Victoria when the title of ‘Empress of India’ was won by her.Popular for its delightful annual flower show, the Empress Garden attracts a lot of visitors each year.

Timings – 9:30 am – 6:30 pm Entry fee – Rs. 10 per person Website –

6. ISKON NVCC Temple - ISKCON-PuneImage Source

The architecture of the temple is one-of-a-kind with very beautiful interiors. Dedicated to lord Krishna and Goddess Radha there is an auspicious sight of their idols as you enter. The ceiling and walls of the temple are decorated artistically with vibrant colours keeping you mesmerised.

Timings – 4:30 am – 8:40 pm Entry fee – Free Website –

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