Top 6 places to visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry, a small town, with its rich mix of French and European style of buildings, is a place to visit when you are planning a vacation down south. When you come here, make it a point to cover these top attractions here:

1. Shri Aurobindo Ashram -

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Irrespective of your religion, this place is one of the top attractions at Pondicherry. A serene, spiritual community set up during 1926 by Shri Aurobindo Gosh and Mira Alfassa, this place today contains their Samadhis. • Timings – 8AM to 12noon, 2pm to 6pm • Entry fee – Free • Website -

2. Immaculate Conception Cathedral -

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This 300 year old church is one of the oldest in Pondicherry. Though construction of this church was started in 1791, renovations were going on here until 1987. This church shot to instant fame when Mother Teresa paid a visit here. 8thDecember is a special day here as the “”Feast of the Church” is celebrated then. • Timings – 7AM to 11AM, 4PM to 8.30PM • Entry fee – Free • Website -

3. Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple -

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Sri VaradarajaPerumal Temple is the most ancient temple in Pondicherry. The history of the temple dates back to as early as 600AD and you have to come to the temple just to look at the majestic Dravidian style of architecture. This temple complex is huge. • Timings – 5AM to 10.30PM • Entry fee – Free • Website -

4. Auroville -

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This is a quiet and neat little township, which was set up during 1968 by Shri Aurobindo Gosh and Mira Alfassa. This is a place where people of all religions and castes live in perfect harmony with each other. Come here and offer your prayers at the MatriMandir to experience a sense of mental peace. Find below details for the temple: • Timings – 9.30AM to 123.30PM, 1.00PM to 4.00PM • Entry fee – Free • Website -

5. Arikamedu -

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If you have an architecture lover and want to have a glimpse of the remnants of yesteryears, the Arikamedu excavation site is one place that you should never miss. Here you can see rich historical traces of the Roman, Chola and French dynasty kings who ruled over this place many centuries ago. The history of this place dates back to as early as 2nd century BC and you are sure to be taken aback by the splendid beauty of this place. • Timings – 10AM to 4PM • Entry fee – Free • Website :

6. Botanical Garden -

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If you are looking for a place in Pondicherry, where you can enjoy with your family and friends for a whole day, Botanical Gardens is the most ideal place. This place, not only houses a wide variety of flora, but is also known for the entertainment it offers for kids in the form of toy train, aquarium, dancing fountain and the like. French colonists who ruled the place during the 18th century, constructed this garden then and opened it for public use during 1826. Timings – 10AM to 5PM Entry fee – Free Website -
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