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7 Must Visit Places In Mauritius

If you are someone who has always wanted to visit a place that’s not only economical but also rewarding in beauty; if you wanted to lie down on the beach and just stare into space with nothing but the sound of the waves ringing in your years; if you wished for a pristine holiday that would not burn a big hole in your pocket, a place that’s not far away from India is the beautiful island country Mauritius. One of the most visited places in the world, Mauritius is a hub for tourists seeking peace, relief and happy solitude.

List of Top 7 places one must visit while at Mauritius

1. Port Louis Port_Louis_SkylineFirst thing, don’t think too much about the names of places here- the French named them exquisitely. The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis is surrounded by beautiful mountains and was founded by the French in 1735. Undoubtedly, it houses some of the best French architecture of the time. Though it is packed with business and office-goers in the day, the city calms down at the night allowing visitors to enjoy a night along the famous Caudan Waterfront, a picturesque stop that is to be seen to be believed. For some memorabilia shopping, one should head to the central market that provides almost everything you would want to buy when in Mauritius. 2. Le MORNE Brabant morne-brabantCome a bit south and you have maybe one of the best places to visit anywhere. Highlighted by an eponymous basaltic monolith, Le Morne Brabant is a beautiful peninsula at the extreme south-western tip of Mauritius. With the Aapravasighat or ‘immigration depot’ in Hindi, which is the first World Heritage Site in Mauritius, Le Morne highlights the conjunction of the two forms of labour that has shaped Mauritius, slavery and indenture. A place that is drenched in both beauty and history, the experience here will leave an imprint on your mind that would be hard to shake off. 3. CHAMAREL chamarel-parkIf you are looking for a change in your daily chai or coffee, fret not because Chamarel welcomes you with its locally grown coffee that will enthral you no bounds. Known for its scenic locations and natural attractions like Seven Coloured Earths, the Chamarel Falls and the Black River Gorges National Park, this village in Mauritius will give you a pristine experience that comes once in a lifetime. Far away from the cries of the city and the rush of your work, Chamarel will hug you with a promise of melting you into tranquility and keeping you that way for a long time- a promise that it fulfills duly. 4. ILE AUX CERFS ile_aux_cerfsIf you are one of those who have no second thoughts on spending money because you have loads and you are searching for luxury, Ile Aux Cerfs is the place for you at Mauritius. A privately owned island near the east coast, it is well known for an impeccable golf course, beautiful beaches and a wonderfully natural setting. A regular amongst tourists, you can reach here on boats and spend some quality time in this island that will be worth every penny you spend. 5. GRAND BASSIN Grand-BassinThis is a wonder that isn’t to be found in many places on the face of the earth. A celestial wonder and also known as Ganga Talao, this a crater lake situated in a secluded mountain area. More of a religious tourist place, this is considered the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius and has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, along many others. Obviously thus, Maha Shivaratri here is a grand event where people from all over flock here to take part. 6. FLIC-en-FLACs Flic-en-Flac-BeachHow many times have we all wanted to sleep with the stars above us but the place that we live in does not provide us with the opportunity? One very significant attraction in Mauritius, Flic-en-Flacs provides us this opportunity that too in its most beautiful form. If you want to spend some quality time in a place that is untouched by modernity but heaped upon by peace and tranquility, this is the place to go. This is a seaside village on the western part of Mauritius. It welcomes you with shiny white beaches and turquoise waters. Its lagoon is protected by the surrounding coral reefs that are a feast for the eyes. The sunsets here on the beaches provide spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. 7. TAMARIND FALLS tamarind-fallsThe very best thing about Mauritius is that it has a different scenic attraction for everyone. Visit the Tamarind Falls to end your journey with a shower of joy added with a splash into tranquility. Situated in the South-West part of the country, this is one of the most visited places here. With a picturesque setting and crystal clear water raining over you, this is one experience you must not miss when in Mauritius. Moreover, pictures come very pretty here. There are places that are said to be so beautiful, a trip there once in a lifetime becomes a must. Situated just off the Indian shore, Mauritius is clearly one such place. Provided the small land area, it makes travel a lot more easy and one saves time that would be otherwise lost travelling to different places elsewhere. Beauty in a nutshell- that’s Mauritius for you. A trip here is definitely a must for anyone who wishes to visit places that are not to be seen anywhere else.
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