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11 Places To Visit In Malaysia Before You Leave

"Truly Asia” This is how we connect with Malaysia, courtesy all those advertisements that we all saw growingup. Tourism is a major contributor to the Malaysian economy and you would soon get to know the reason why! The way they have maintained the quality of tourism is truly a marvel. From culture to adventure to the picturesque beaches, Malaysia has everything for every traveller. Here is a list of 11 places you should never miss visiting while travelling to this truly amazing land, Malaysia.

Top 11 Tourist Places Of Malaysia To Visit

1.PETRONAS TOWERS petronas-towersThe first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Malaysia is the beautiful pair of towers that are now an inseparable part of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. An engineering and architectural marvel, this twin towers is probably the most visited place in Malaysia. For some reason I totally know, a picture with this building will merit being your Facebook display picture for ages to come! 2.LANGKAWI ISLAND LangkawiChances are, you might never find an island more beautiful than Langkawi. One of the most visited places in Malaysia, Langkawi however does not make you feel like visiting a crowded tourist overrun island. Langkawi welcomes you with beautiful beaches, tropical green forests and wonderful sight-seeing and with a promise of giving you an experience you will never forget through your life. The brilliant rock formations are just so wow to look at! I smell so many facebook display pictures coming along! 3.MOUNT KINABALU Mount-KinabaluIf you have a mountain trekker, this place probably finds a place in your bucket list! If you ave a flair for adventure, Mt. Kinabalu provides that to you. The tallest mountain in Malaysia, it provides an excellent opportunity for travellers to have a trek of a lifetime. Although not that easy a climb for the untrained, it will definitely be one of the best experiences ever. 4.TAMAN NEGARA Taman-NegaraOne of the most visited eco-tourism destinations in the world, Taman Negara calls you back to the wild! A home to some of the rarest mammals on earth, this national park arranges for your rendezvous with them. A must visit place on anyone’s list going to this land of skyscrapers. 5.BATU CAVES cavesAnother adventure sports’ enthusiast’s paradise, Batu Caves is the centre in Malaysia for rock climbing. Also housing a series of cave temples dedicated to Lord Murugan, this is one of the very few places where spirituality and adventure find a companion in each other. This place regularly finds a place in every traveller’s checklist. 6.PERHENTIAN ISLAND Beach-on-the-Perhentian-Islands1If you are someone interested in snorkeling and scuba diving, this is the place to go when in Malaysia. Especially famous for its laid back atmosphere, the two islands that make up Perhentian will make you forget the world into which you will go in after a trip to Malaysia. 7.LAKE KEYNIR kenyir_lakeOne of the many man-made marvels in Malaysia, Lake Keynir is the largest artificial lake in South-East Asia. A trip to this place will capture your imagination with the beautiful surroundings; hundreds of small islands, stunning waterfalls and stunning curves. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful, this place would make you fall in love with itself! 8.Cameron Highlands camerion-highlandsWant to witness the blend of history and nature? Named after a British expedition leader, this is a different Malaysia altogether. Owing to the hotels around the place, this place is known for its colonial characteristics. With mostly the plantations dominating the scenery, you can walk for hours in the cool place. 9.Palau Sipidan Scuba Diving Pulau-Sipadan-Scuba-DivingGoing to Sipidan and not witnessing the awe of Scuba Diving is a sin! You know why? It is one of the best diving spots of the world. And and and! You really don’t have to wait for the lady luck to see the rare sea turtles. It is one of the few places in the world that has such high concentration of sea turtles. 10. Shopping Malls pavilion-kl-shopping-mallWho would have imagined luxury with affordability! Malaysia gives you the ultra luxurious mall experience with a lower price tag. 11.Kinbatangan River Malaysia gives you the chance to go on the most amazing river cruise with an opportunity to witness amazing wildlife. You can see the rare species of organgutan, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, and saltwater crocodiles. The experience is extremely exquisite and missing this would indeed be a sin! And you thought Malaysia was just about Skyscrapers! This was just a little peek to what a country like Malaysia can offer. There are so many other places which are equally good and you should totally not give a miss! Malaysia is a unique combination of ultra luxury and breath-taking natural beauty. If you ever happen to go there, this would be one lifetime experience!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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