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9 Beautiful Places To Visit In Macau

A former Portuguese colony, Macau packs a punch. One of the world’s richest cities, it shows a confluence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. A very popular destination for gamblers, it isn’t asurprise that casinos account for a huge chunk of the city’s economy. The truth however is that Macau has places of interest for everyone. Here is a list of the places to visit when here: 1. Ruins of St. Paul the-ruins-of-st-paulsYour travel to Macau is literally incomplete if you don’t visit the Ruins of St. Pauls. The original buildings were destroyed by fire in 1835 and what remains here is the façade of the old Church and St. Paul’s college.  2. Venetian Macau venetian-macaoNow, this is one place everyone would want to venture into! Venetian Macau is the world’s largest casino and has unmatched facilities, attractions and amenities, nowhere else to be seen in Asia. With lavish suites and street performers entertaining you all throughout the resort, it is an unmatched luxurious experience.  3. A Ma Temple A-Ma-templeDating back to early 16th century, this temple is dedicated to the seafarer’s Goddess. Interestingly, Macau’s name is derived from A-Ma-Gau or Place of A-Ma.  4. Senado Square Senado-SquareAlways full of activity, Senado Square has been Macau’s urban centre for centuries now. A popular venue for celebrations, it is paved with a wave-patterned mosaic coloured stones created by the Portuguese. 5. Wine and Grand Prix Museum Wine-MueseumOne of the most interesting places to visit in Macau, the Wine museum is the only one of its kind in Asia. It’s major aim is to build a connect between the people now and the social, economic and cultural importance of wine in the Portuguese tradition. On the other hand, the Grand Prix museum exhibits things related to Grand Prix all over the world. 6. Guia Fortress Guia-FortressInitially designed to defend Macau from attacks from the sea, this fortress’ chief value has been as an observation port because of the majestic and complete view of the city it provides. It was opened as a tourist destination in 1976 and since has been attracting hordes of tourists all year round. 7. City of Dreams city_of_dreamsA must experience destination in Macau, City of Dreams is a unique integrated resort that combines electrifying experience, a vast and amazing array of accommodation and regional and international dining. 8. Dom Pedro V Theatre Dom-Pedro-V-theatreSituated at the Largo de Santo Agostinho, the Dom Pedro V Theatre is one of the first western-style theatres in China. Made in a neo-classical design, this important landmark of the region, it is a venue for important public events and celebrations now. 9. Macau Tower macau-towerEasily one of the tallest points in the city, the Macau Tower is 338 metres high. The Outdoor Observation Deck offers breath-taking panoramic views of the Macau cityscape, China, the Pearl River and, on a clear day, Hong Kong. The Revolving Tower Restaurant is the other major attraction of the tower. So you have a short time and wish to roam around an exotic destination, Macau is your place to be! How about next weekend?
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