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8 Tourist Places To Visit in Dubai

Once a dry desert, Dubai now is one of the most visited places on earth. A real estate paradise, this place packs a punch with things you cannot imagine could exist in the place Dubai is situated.


1. Ski Dubai  ski-dubaiWith an 85 m high indoor mountain and a temperature that is more than 40 degrees cooler than it is on the outside, Ski Dubai is an attraction no one should miss while in Dubai. The temperature here is 4 degrees during the day and -6 degrees at night when you get to experience artificial snowfall! It has activities one can only experience the thrill of in mountains. A place where the old and young flock to all round the year, this is one place without a visit to which a trip to Dubai is incomplete.  2. Wild Wadi Water Park  Wild-Wadi-Water-ParkAn outdoor water park that competes with every other in the world in all departments, the Wild Wadi Water Park is another major tourist destination in Dubai. Located just beside the iconic Burj Al-Arab, with an artificial waterfall that goes off every ten minutes, it has rides and pools that’d take you all for a ride or plunge of a lifetime. 3.Burj Khalifa The landmark Dubai is known for! The tallest man made structure on the face of earth, Burj Khalifa is an architectural marvel. What you see from the observatory on the 124th floor is unmatched both in view and the feel. Surely one would not miss this. 4. Desert Safari  morning-desert-safari-dubaiSurely a trip to the middle-East would not be complete without visiting the desert, isn’t it? The Dubai Desert Safari is an experience you cannot afford to miss. With dune bashing, camel rides, belly dancing (yes!) and the beautiful henna painting to welcome you into the arms of the desert, this is a must do thing if you visit Dubai. 5. Burj Al-Arab burj-al-arab-dubaiThe tallest and only 7 star hotel in the world, one might argue, “When did 5 stars become not enough”. But when you have a look at it, the building designed to resemble a dhow sail and the magnificence it exuberates at night, you know it deserves the hype bestowed upon it. Another engineering marvel, this monumental work of architecture will find a mention in any list of must visit places. 6. Jumeirah Beach Jumeirah-BeachThis is the number one beach destination for Dubai visitors. A small strip of pure white bliss, this beach has amazing facilities for both people who want to bask in the sun or do water sports. 7. Bastakia Mosque uae-dubai-bastakiya-mosqueCertainly not the largest or the most glitzy mosques in the UAE, Bastakia Mosque beats every other mosque in being the most beautiful and photogenic. A place where you can actually live Dubai’s history with the beauty it oozes, the place is a sight for the eyes with blindingly white façades and the last remnants of Dubai’s city walls nearby made out of coral. 8. Dubai Mall  The-dubai-mallNo one really expects a mall to be in the list of must visit places, but the Dubai Mall is a different story. One of the largest in the world, a trip to this place will not complete in a day. It is the home of the Annual Dubai Shopping Festival where you can find and buy almost everything and attracts people from all over the world regularly. So if you are in Dubai and do not mind spending an extra buck to remember, shop for memorabilia in this place.

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Dubai is uniquely both a traveller’s paradise and a dynamic business centre! Slowly cropping up to be a must visit place for all luxurious travellers, Dubai is much like nowhere else on the planet.
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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