Top 9 Places to Visit in Bikaner

A beautiful,historical and glorious city in the state of Rajasthan, Bikaner is a great cultural heritage of the place. One can view the majestic palaces, architecture ornate temples, museums and wildlife sanctuary under one roof.

Here are few of the top places that one can visit on their trip to Bikaner:

1. Junagarh Fort :- Junagarh FortImage - flickr

One of the oldest fort, the Junagarh Fort in Bikaner was built by Raja Rai Singhji. It represents the great architecture and style during the era. A major tourist attraction of the place, the fort brings out the magnificent supremacy of the people of Bikaner.

2. Skybird Water Park :- Skybird Water ParkImage - tripadvisor

A popular tourist spot for family and friends to have fun and enjoyment, the Skybird Water Park gives you an ultimate experience of water sports and rides. You can get a lot of adventure and feel like an oasis in the desert.

3. Lalgarh Palace and Museum :- Lalgarh Palace and MuseumImage - indiantravels

Being the house of the Royals, The Lalgarh Palace and Museum is a perfect place to view the spectacular power and majestic lifestyle of Rajput kings and their queens. You can witness the royalty and beauty of artifacts in the museum which comprise half of the palace.

4. Gajner Lake :- gajner-lakeImage - tripadvisor

A man-made lake gives out a very splendid view to the travelers. You can enjoy the great boating experiences in the solar boats that will make the tourists have a very relaxed and joyful experience. In winters, one can get a glimpse of thousands of migratory birds.

5. National Research Centre on Camel :- National Research Centre on CamelImage - neptuneholidays

Identified as one of the important place for the tourists of the Bikaner, the centre gives out the view of the research and development program which is going on camels. One can also enjoy the visit to the museum that also features the knowledge of the camel and desert ecosystem. Asa tourist, you can enjoy the camel riding, safari, photography, food prepared with the camel milk products etc.

6. Jain Temple, Bhandasar :- Jain Temple, BhandasarImage - tourmet

The temple is visited by hundreds of visitors everyday to get the eternal blessings. The two storeyed ornate Jain temple has derived its name from a merchant who started its construction. The unique thing about the temple is that it is built with 40,000 gms of ghee instead of mortar. Tourists can enjoy the splendour and great architecture of the place.

7. Shiv Bari Temple :-Shiv Bari Temple Image - travelingculture

Built by Dungar Singhji, the temple is surrounded by the embattlement wall. The construction is done with red sandstone and has great features like that of domes, pavilions etc. Situated in the majestic place the Shiv Bhari temple offer serenity and a very peaceful atmosphere.

8. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary :- Gajner Wildlife SanctuaryImage - neptuneholidays

Being the major hunting place for the Maharajah of Bikaner, the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing tourist attraction. It is situated amidst the beautiful lush green forests and has a picturesque beauty of hillocks surrounding. One can see through and explore a lot of species of birds, animals and fauna.

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9. Imperial Art Gallery :- Imperial Art GalleryImage - jdmagicbox

You can get a great view of the art and architecture of the place by visiting the Imperial Art Gallery. It symbolizes the great culture and harmony of the place. The gallery is the representation of the beautiful art and crafts.

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