7 Places for Scuba diving in Goa

Top 7 Places For Scuba Diving In Goa

If you are in Goa then trying out your hand into this amazing sport of scuba diving is a must thing to do. There are a lot of places where you can enjoy the ride towards the underwater world.

Here is the list of top 7 places for scuba diving in Goa:

1. Cove of Shelter :-

Cove of ShelterImage - adventureclicknblog Known to be the famous beach destination you can explore the underwater life even if you are an amateur at the Cove of Shelter where the waters are not too deep for you to miss the fun of scuba diving. If you are a veteran or a newbie you will get an adventurous experience of variety of tiny fishes, coral reefs and beautiful mesmerizing lobsters that will bring a chill down your spine. The depth of the place is just 8 metres.

2. Reef of Uma Guma :-

Reef of Uma GumaImage - googleusercontent One of the most popular scuba diving destination in Goa, the Reef of Uma Guma offers you a charismatic world of underwater species like the tunas, sharks, snappers, porcupine fishes etc. Having a depth of 14 metres you can witness the hard coral reefs at the place that brings out a spectacular vision to the senses. If you are a perfectionist into diving then this place is for you.

3 Bay of Bounty :-

Bay of BountyImage - padhaaro

Suitable place for the new learners, beginners , amateur divers and trainers the bay of bounty is a place to watch out the variety of tiny and yet pretty fishes with a stiff corals that surrounds the underwater world. It is an idyllic destination to learn the art and adventure of the scuba diving sport with the background of nuttlefish and sharks. The depth of the place is just 6 metres which makes it quite convenient

4 Wreck of Suzy’s :-

Wreck of SuzysImage - taxiburgas As the water of Goa is accustomed to be the place of ship wrecks during the past ages and centuries the place is symbolic of the WW 2 metal ruin in the deep shallow waters. One can have a glance of wide species of fishes like the angel fishes, snappers, parrot fishes, stonefish etc. Situated in the capital city of Panaji the waters are extended to the length of 30 metres.

5 The Jetty :-

The JettyImage - rushfinder Being located at the north western direction of the Grand island the jetty is a suitable place for the experienced scuba divers to get their expertise tested in the shallow waters of the place which have a depth of almost 6-8 metres and the dive can be enjoyed if done from the sky. It gives out an exhilarating experience and you can witness the species of underwater fishes like the lionfish and the baby mullets.You can live upto your dream of adventurous experience at the place.

6 Locker of Davy Jones :-

davy zonesImage - holidaybirds

If you are an expert then only you can try out your hand into scuba diving at this place since it is strongly intended to be suitable for the experience and professional divers since the place is believed to be having very strong currents of water flow that makes it a little too more adventurous for an amateur diver. The broken wreck is almost 14 metres in length and is a living ground for the large fishes like the tuna, mullets, jack etc.

7 The Turbo Tunnel :-

The Turbo TunnelImage - alaknandariverrafting

Another important scuba diving destination in Goa for the beginners is the turbo tunnel which brings out the spirit of wanderlust within you with the splurge of exotic beauties of the fishes and the crystal clear waters of the place creates a very serene atmosphere.

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