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9 Pictures you won’t believe were clicked in India

Think there’s nothing left to explore in India? Think again! Because what you will see below will make you fall in love with India all over again! And if you’re looking for off-beat travel destinations,you have come to the right place. The mystical land of India is nothing short of incredible. Here is a list of 9 pictures that will that will leave you in deep wonder! Found in India, Clicked in India. 1.     Hogenakkal Falls – Tamil Nadu Hogenakkal-FallsAlso known as the Niagara of India. Water drops from the highest point at about 65 ft and from 15 ft at its lowest point. Adding to the adventure, only a boat-ride from the last motor-able road can take you to the falls.You can even go trekking in the Melagiri hills, near the falls. The view is breathtaking! And not to forget the rejuvenating massage by Hogenakkal masseurs. 2.     Athirappilly Falls – Kerala Athirappilly-FallsThe charm of Athirappilly can barely be captured in words or pictures. Located at the entrance of Shyolar ranges, and 78 kms from Kochi; the falls will offer you a much need break from the troubles of everyday life! If you’re seeking a soulful nature time, this is where you should go. 3.     Tea Gardens – Munnar, Kerala Tea-Gardens-MunnarScented with the rich fragrance of tea, behold the Chai Gardens of Munnar! Located on a hill which overlooks the valley, Munnar is surrounded by huge mountains.This is yet another ideal place to sit back, relax and marvel at Kerala beauty! 4.     Agatti – Lakshadweep Islands Agatti-islandLook no further, this paradise island is a hidden gem. Imagine turquoise blue oceans, white sands, coral reefs and diverse marine life for as far as the eye can see! The best time to visit Agatti is from October to April. 5.     Root Bridges–Cherrapunji Yes, look again. Those really are – one of their kind in the world - living root bridges! On the slopes of Khasi and Jaintia hills, an incredibly strong root system of Indian rubber trees flourishes.A rare sight, root bridges only adds to incredible Indian experiences where bridges need not be built, they grow. 6.     Rann of Kutch – Gujarat rann-of-kutchThe Great Rann of Kutch is the largest salt desert in the world, measuring 10,000 sq. kms. Incredibly, for eight months of the year, it’s just an enormous stretch of white salt. You would love this place at sunrise or sunset with its gorgeous view! 7.     Planktons – Lakshadweep Islands PlanktonsA mesmerizing view of planktons in the sea at Lakshadweep Islands is a sight you will never forget even in a lifetime! Almost like starts under your feet. 8.     Gurudongmar Lake – Sikkim Gurudongmar-LakeNo, there’s no chance your Indian exploration is complete without the Gurudongmar Lake! This beauty will leave you awestruck for a long time. A beautiful and sacred lake surrounded by snow covered mountains. The second highest lake in India, it’s also one of the most picturesque destinations in India. 9.     Matheran matheranImagine sitting at the edge and looking down 800 meters? This is the lifetime experience Matheran gets to you! When we keep complaining about the filthy Metros, there is this side of India that leave you spell bound. Deep blue waters, infinite greens, snow-blankets, flower valleys and what not! The most exotic and mesmerizing experiences exclusively in India! Related : 10 Most Beautiful Temples Of India
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