Nightlife In Phuket

Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Nightlife In Phuket

See the majestic waves dive in and out and mountains touching the sky with the tall trees of rainforest competing them. This perfect scenic beauty is altogether present at the Thailand’s Island, Phuket. Phuket has become home to seaside resorts, world-class spas, and restaurants and adding spice to the vibe of casual life, it has wild nightclubs, discos, and bars. This island city is the ultimate party destination with go-go bars, ladyboy cabaret shows, live bands and international DJs playing in together.

Here we are listing the top spots to visit in Phuket to enjoy the night life.

1. Bangla Road in Patong Beach :- Bangla Road in Patong BeachImage - homeiswhereyourbagis With the onset of twilight, the party begins at Bangla Road. Bars are opened on the streets and music from various clubs and discos join in to amplify the party beats. Roads are closed down and entries of vehicles are prohibited. An easy walk on the road with cheap beer and sexy crowd makes the head rock ‘n’ roll. 2. Bars at Patong Beach :- Bars at Patong BeachImage - phukettravelandtours At dusk, enjoy your margarita in the James Bond style “stirred not shaken”. Phuket’s west coast is home to best bars to enjoy the good company over drinks. From open restaurants to hilltop views the bars are packed with people enjoying the ambience and city lights or the sea. Listing the #1 bars of Patong beach, viz Wassa Homemade Bar, Bars above Kata Noi, Le Versace, 360 Degree restaurant, Joe’s Downstairs and Boathouse. 3. Seduction Nightclub :- seduction nightclubImage - phanganist “Early to bed early to rise”, delete this mantra when you are in Phuket. The Seduction Nightclub doesn’t open before 2200hours. The night doesn’t starts with sunset, it starts with night getting hotter and prettier. Ultimate destination of party animals, the booming music, and latest music beats and dazzling lights make you dance on to the beats. It provokes the animal inside you and the wildness is revealed on the dance floor. Ultra spacious dance floor to accumulate the party goers and doesn’t let them feel that it is extra crowded. The DJs, dancers, bartenders, waitresses, and security guards are there to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and fun night here. 4. Phuket Fantasea :- Phuket FantaseaImage - kkday If Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon has fascinated you enough then be ready to be bewitched with the extravaganza of Phuket Fantasea. It is a theme park which offers carnivals, shopping opportunities and live shows. With the help of trapeze artists and performing animals, an exotic work of tradition is displayed within the storyline. And for the food you get an exquisite option, The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant. It has a large area to accommodate almost 4000 dinners together. A mix of Thai and international cuisine is served on the two long rows of buffet. 5. Suzy Wong a Go-go :- Suzy Wong a Go-goImage - asiawebdirect “Sexy girls on the move”, this is the absolute phrase to describe the place. Beautiful girls, red lanterns and unlimited drinks, this was beautify the place. The cherry on the cup is ‘spanking’, here you are allowed to spanks the centre stage.

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