Things To Do At Night Safari Singapore

Top 10 Things To Do At Night Safari, Singapore

A trip to Singapore is not completed without a visit to the Night Safari, Singapore . Opened in the year 1994, it is the first safari park for the people to view the nocturnal animals. There are amazing things to do at this night zoo that can make your experience a fulfilling one. Here are few things that one can do in the zoo: 1. Experience The Zoo Life at Night :- safari-adventurer-tourImage - nightsafari Being the very first nocturnal zoo in the world, you will get an experience of one in a life time with so many other visitors joining you in tour trip to the place. There are about 36 species of endangered animals that you can visualize under the moonlight. 2. Enjoy The Fire Breathing Show :- fire showImage - workingwithgrace Make your eyes see the beauty of the tribal fire art show where you can eat, sit and enjoy the dances with your loved ones. All you need to do is to buy a ticket for the show and after grabbing something to eat from the adjoining restaurants you can take a sit to enjoy the experience. After every 30 minutes you will be able to watch the performers. But remember not to visit the place during the rains as show gets cancelled at such occasions. 3. Watch the animals performing :- animal performingImage - yeutre Once you watch out the tribal dance you should immediately move towards the amphitheatre where these amazing creatures perform an amazing show. You will be able to become a spectator of these skills where the animals will be laughing, dancing and can also pick you up as a volunteer to showcase their skills. Don’t get scared these animals are trained and will not cause any worry. 4. Have an amusing Tram Ride :- tram rideImage - traveldelight After finishing your shows you can go for a tram ride to get to see the zoo with the bigger animals at night. Remember to grab the ride at the earliest as the seats are really very limited over here. Experience the amazing time with the animals roaming open in the night jungle. The ride will be only about 25 minutes and within a short time period you will be able to see so many animals in their daily routine. 5. Walk on Trails :- walk trailsImage - rebuzz Another amazing thing that you can do at Night Safari is walking on any of the four trails like the Fishing Cat Trail, Leopard Trail, East Lodge Trail and the Wallaby Trail. These trails will make you experience the beauty of different animals.

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6. Enjoy the food with your soulmate :- cocktail-safari-expressImage - nightsafari Want to infuse a romantic experience inside the jungle then the perfect thing is to book either the Cocktail Safari Express or the Gourmet Safari Express and enjoy a romantic date with your partner with variety of food amidst the jungle atmosphere. 7. Buy a Souvenir :- Night Safari gift shopImage - nightsafari You can experience another type of night life at the gift shops at the Night Safari gift shop that offers a lot of eye catching mementos that you can simply carry to the homes. There is a huge variety of t-shirts, tops, animal cards, crafts etc to get as a memorable souvenir. 8. Watch the Animals eating with a Feeding Token :- zoolightsImage - artstuffbyk Enjoy the view of your favorite animals eating their snack.You can look out for this experience during the special days of the weekends between 8:30-9:30 PM at night and can see these big cats devouring upon their meat. 9. Enjoy a Boat Ride :- river safariImage - riversafari One of the fulfilling experience is to enjoy the boat ride which has a duration of 10 minutes. You can enjoy boating at the Safari River. The expectant mothers however are not allowed to take the boat ride and it gets cancelled if the weather conditions are not good. 10. Bird Watching :- Bird WatchingImage - flickr You can also enjoy the bird watching specially during the night with lot of customized packages on the tickets for the park.

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