Experience Night Life in Bangkok

Top 12 ways to Experience Night Life in Bangkok

Experiencing the nightlife of Bangkok is one of the prime reasons behind people travelling to the city. Booze, party, one night stands and above all super ultra fun is what all makes the nightlife of the city happening.  Here are some of the ways you can enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok: 1. Go for Shopping at Patpong Night Market :- late night shoppingImage - flickr Explore the night culture on the streets of Silom and Surawong Roads in Bangkok and have a shopping spree. Enjoy the experience of night market but remember to bargain with the vendors as they might charge you double. 2. Enjoy your drink on the rooftop bars :- roo top bar bangkokImage - thegentlemansjournal No other city in the world has as much rooftop bars as the single Bangkok comprise in itself. It is the most romantic experience one can ever get. Through sitting on the rooftop bars you can view the entire city in a full 360 degree sweep with the love of your life. One thing to keep in mind is that these rooftop bars have a dress code that one has to follow.

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3. Party all night in the night clubs :- Party all night in the night clubsImage - asia-city If you are a nocturnal person then this place is definitely for you where you can easily enjoy the 2:00 am fun and carousing without getting any distractions.You can party till the time you want to party. 4. Relish the delicious street food whole night :- street foodImage - flickr Being a foodie makes you hungry at any time .But you need not to worry if you are travelling in Bangkok streets where the street food is not only mouth watering but lipsmacking. You can explore the night food with your friends even at the most darkest hours of the night. 5. Get groovy and adventurous with neon lit bowling :- BowlingImage - asiawebdirect Looking to have some fun but not in pubs or night clubs then trying out some hands at the bowling activity is a major adventure. A lot of shopping malls are opened late in night and are having an atmosphere fused with neon coloured bowling balls into the ultraviolet lanes. 6. Try out your hand for some massages :- Thai massageImage - whatsupgurgaon There are lot of massage parlours for the young men that remain open throughout the life.You can have a great experience while enjoying the soothing hot towel massage.Don’t get hesitant and get the stunning massage. You can have these massages from head to toe. 7. Amazing Karaoke Rooms :- Karaoke RoomsImage - roppongipapa Want to just sit back and relax but at the same time want to discover something unique in the nightlife of Bangkok. Simply go to the karaoke rooms that are private rooms where one can find different kinds of sound systems and can also record your own CD with a karaoke music life. 8. Enamour Yourself with The Lady Boy Shows :- lady boys bangkokImage - flickr There is nothing more as glamorous and as shinythan to get enamoured with the lady boy costumes which you can only find in the city of Bangkok. You will be dazzled and sparkle out with musical performances of lady boys. 9. Watch out the Thai boxing :- Thai boxingImage - crazy-ivory Without viewing the spectacular evening of the electrifying thai fight. Beware of gambling as you might never know when you lose out the match as unpredictable is the predictable at the Thai boxing ring. 10. Get sizzling in the beer gardens :- beer garden Image - asiaprwire The beautiful and panoramic view of the beer gardens makes your night very romantic and sizzling. Nowhere except in Bangkok will you be able to experience the great beer gardens. 11. Be Pretty with in Bed Supperclub :- bed superclubImage - mishilo It is a best place to watch the ambiance filled with pretty pink and smacking gourmet cuisines that can enrage your taste buds and enhance your travel. It is a very beautiful lounge and the best time to spend your night with an adjoining night club. 12. Dance on your favourite DJ’s number :- dj bangkokImage - bangkokevententertainment The Glow is one of the enlightening place with variety of lightening and beautiful glass all around. You will get a musical experience with its underground musical charm and can tap on your favourite dance number.

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