10 Most Mysterious Places in India

Beware this is not for the weak-hearted! You call them legends, rumours, stories to keep you entertained or real happenings, but they have been there all along. We present you a list of places in India that might send the creep down your spine. Read at your own risk! 1. The twin towns of Kodinhi, Kerala and Umri, Allahabad kodinhiCall it genes or divine intervention, Kodinhi and Umri are known to have unusually high number of twins. Its like every family in the village has at least one pair of twins which is more of creepy than amazing!  2. Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra Shinagpur-VillageKnown for a famous Shani temple, this place is famed to have zero crime rates with no doors in residential and even commercial blocks. Recently, even UCO Bank has opened a lock-less branch in the village.  3. Shetpal, Maharashtra A place known for snake worship, has a frightful custom. Every house is supposed to keep a resting place for cobras in the ceiling rafters. What is more magical is that there has not been a single case of snake bite reported ever.  4. Bullet Baba Shrine, Bandai Rajasthan This can happen only in India! The legend says Om Singh Rathore crashed his bullet into a tree and died. The police took its custody and shifted it to their quarters. The next day it was again found at the accident site. They took it back, chained it and emptied the fuel tank but only in vain because it kept on happening for days. Ultimately, a shrine has been made at the accident site with Bullet Baba worshipped there!  5. Jatinga, Assam jatinga-assamThe place is known for it Mass-Bird Suicide where migratory birds come at a crashing high speed and strikes towards trees and buildings during the monsoon months between September and October every year. With such speed, they drop dead after getting hit. Its still a big mystery for scientists all across the globe.  6. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh LepakshiThe temple is known for its pillar resting in air. You can actually pass a thin cloth, paper to confirm the rare phenomenon. And then it is also known to bring you good luck and prosperity if you do that.  7. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota, Rajasthan Known to be haunted by a harmless ghost of Major Burton, the guards sleeping on duty are often slapped by the ghost. The place is now a heritage hotel.  8. Dumas Beach, Gujarat Dumas-BeachA place known for paranormal activities near its cremation ground, a stroll along the beach is known to take people to strange places. There have been incidences of lost tourists as well.  9. Kuldhara Village KuldharaAn abandoned village in Rajasthan was known to be inhabited by people for 5 centuries who suddenly disappeared overnight and cursed the village for whoever lives in the village would die a brutal death.  10. Jamali- Kamali Masjid, New Delhi jamali-kamali-mosqueThe burial spot of Sufi saints, Jamali and Kamali, this place is known to be haunted by some jinhs. The mosque is totally closed after Sunset for there have been reported incidences of being slapped and chased by the winds. Believe it or not! But they have been attracting globe-trotters all through. Some go to make records, some to confirm the tales and others to derive logic out of such unusual incidences. Whatever be your reason, but they are indeed amazing places to lookout for!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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