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Mauritius – More Than A Honeymoon Destination

When you read the word 'Mauritius', there's an imagination of its pristine waters and its spectacular beaches. Mauritius is perfect for almost anything. Be it an awesome family vacation ora romantic honeymoon. People who are visiting Mauritius have many more choices to choose from. It can also be considered one of the best places because of its super friendly natives who ensure your holiday to be memorable by their colourful culture. You will beverages forget the winds blowing into your face as you hire a cab and roam around.  Nonetheless few of the best things about Mauritius are: 1) Sugarcane: Mauritius is widely known for its sugarcane as it has a huge history. In sixteenth century, the Dutch colonizers wanted to do business with the natives of Mauritius and that is how the sugarcane were introduced in this island. After that, it had been been made famous by the French and as it was developed by the British, sugarcane became like the primary crop for the people in Mauritius. Because of its fame and goodness, most people from Mauritius, including its government has chosen to be dependent on sugarcane's. So while you have a plan of a holidays or honeymoon in Mauritius, don't forget to mark its sugarcane fields in your list as there is also a sugarcane museum called L’Aventure du Sucre. If you are on this island amidst the sugarcane fields, don't forget to taste different sugarcane's from different vendors and while you do so, also taste different tastes of relishing sugarcane juices. 2) Mauritian Festivals: Due to having natives of many religions in Mauritius, you can find people in celebration of various festivals for almost every month. Be it Christian, Buddhist or Hindu festivals, its natives always celebrate it together which helps them maintain the unity amongst themselves. Alongside the Christmas, Easter and the Chinese New Year, various Hindu festivals are celebrated too. Such as Diwali, which is the festival of lights; Holi, the festival of colours; and Maha Shivratri, which is a very holy festival of Lord Shiva. In spite of these being Hindu festivals, all the people from this island have oneness in celebrating it. 3) Temples: Now that Mauritius is famous for having so many different religions, the Hindu temples are well known here. You can never run out of the number of colourful and perfectly carved walls in the temples. The fact behind having so many of Hindu temples all around the island is there are many Hindus who reside here. The most known and the temple complex which is considered legendary is at the Grand Bassin. A lot of temples can be found around the Carter Lake. From all around the world, the Hindus consider Carter Lake a very holy and a sacred place. On a daily basis, many pilgrims visit here for their pilgrimage. 4) Mauritian Street Food: mauritius-foodThis is a very enigmatic combination of food as there are different chefs from different places who make dishes from many different places like Cerole, China, Africa, and India. Each one of the chef is a professional from their own country. Chinese chefs are good in making some tasty and slippery noodles, where as the Indian dishes are spicy and tasty enough to be eaten again and again. So when you are having a visit to Mauritius, it is widely suggested by its natives to try out the spicy yet very satisfying street food and mainly, the seafood. There are many restaurant where the seafood can be found. These sea food taste the best with fragrant rice and the famous green chilli paste. It is so spicy, that even the waiters will ask you to have it on your own risk. 5) Countryside: Mauritius is known for its absolutely spectacular beaches and lakes, nevertheless, its countryside steals the show. You can spend a beautiful evening with you family or with your partner. Most people do not go in cars or any other kind of transportation here; they instead prefer to walk through the greenery. Though the countryside is not very famous, but its huge expansions of Southern Mauritius, its big hills, pristine and beautiful waterfalls, and classic panoramas will totally leave its visitors breathless. 6) Tea Fields: This place is known for having a very good stroll with wide and long empty roads with tea fields on both the sides of you. You can find tea-pickers picking tea leaves and singing songs as you walking amidst the fog. Once you are here, don't forget to have a night's dinner at the terrace restaurants where you are offered an extensive varieties of teas on the menu with a spectacular panoramic views of inland Mauritius. 7) Chamarel: This little village in Mauritius is not very famous but it does holds bunch of surprises. One of most famous this here is the Coloured Earth. Now this is a place where you can find enormous numbers of colours at the little place. It has an uneven volcanic platform. There's more, you can find Yellow, Orange, Purple or almost any colour and look at this wonder of the world which never fails to leave anybody awestruck. It is also beautiful while you are trying to reach the Coloured Earth. You will find pristine waterfalls and gorges in the middle of your short journey. If you are a person who enjoys panoramic views, you can sure get down to have a glance at the huge mountains of Mauritius. 8) Beaches: mauritius-beachesWhen you have traveled from your home all the way to Mauritius, you cannot afford missing the relaxing beaches here. There are beaches in Mauritius which are considered the world's finest. One of finest beach from Mauritius includes Belle Mare Beach; the rugged beach in the south called La Cuvette Beach, which is never to be missed. There is more about its beautiful beaches. If you like kite surfing, then there a place called Le Morne. Having a visit here will surely enlighten you from with and will leave your vacation truly memorable and satisfactory.
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