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8 Beaches of Malaysia To Visit

New year has already begun and its time to make your vacation plans for the year now. Inspite of various attractions and fun packed Malaysian calendar there is a thing about Malaysia that won'tdisappoint you at any time. And that is ‘Malaysian beaches’. Located in Southeast Asia Malaysia has many islands and beaches which adds stars to the beauty of Malaysia. Some of the Malaysian beaches are secluded and gives you your favourite personal moments.

List of Beautiful Beaches of Malaysia

1. Ravishing Redang Beach Redang BeachThis beach is known as the most beautiful beach of Malaysia. And a visit to this beach is incomplete without snorkeling in this beach. It gives you the best view of the sea. The baby blue water, white sand and snorkeling as an icing on the cake will surely make you feel uber happy.  2. Mataking Island Beach Mataking-beachThis place is a paradise for honeymoon couples. It’s heavenly when you dive in the water and experience the undersea world. Mataking island has many luxurious resorts around it, which makes it a perfect destination for honeymoon couples. With the touch of the powdery sand the imprints of your feet will leave the audacities of your life behind you. So please deluge yourself in the beauty of mast Mataking beach.  3. Kapalai Island Beach KapalaiKapalai was once a lush green island, but then erosions happened and now Kapalai is a huge sand bank. This sand bank is worth a watch and is equally beautiful as it was earlier. It is a man made beach and a perfect destination for sunbathing on the sandbank. It is situated on the Ligitian reef and boasts the exclusive resorts with mesmerizing villas built on stilts.  4. Penang Island Beaches Panang BeachOnce in Malaysia you just can’t miss the Penang Island. Penang Island is storehouse of beautiful beaches. Most of the beaches present here are perfect picnic spots. For the beaches present here provide many recreational activities. Swimming, dolphin watching, surfing scooter, diving, camping under the stars and jungle trekking etc. Therefore all the beaches in Penang are kind of adventure hubs. So let the adventure flow in your veins.  5. Langkawi Island Langkawi IslandThis island preserves a story about itself. It is surreptitiously known as a ‘legendary island’ too. And this island takes pride in its greenery and serene environment. It has most peaceful beaches of Malaysia. After the beach-strolling you can visit this beautiful island which has wooden houses and long palm trees.  6. Mabul Island mabul-beachThis island has pretty good beaches. These beaches may not be as beautiful as those mentioned earlier but are known well among divers. It is well known as macro diving paradise. Marine life of Mabul is not much varied but it is exotic for sure. Cuttlefish, blue ringed octopus, sea horse and bobtail squids etc. are found there. Don't miss the wonderful diving opportunities in your life. Visit Malaysia, visit Mabul!  7. Pangkor Island Pangkor-islandWelcome to the fusion of fishing settlements and luxurious resorts. This place is another ideal destination for holidays and family trips. It provides almost all of the beach facilities and adventures plus the view of sunset and sunrise is pretty much beautiful from here. Pangkor island is a place you just can't miss.  8. Rawa island beach Rawa-IslandCrystal blue water, white sand and lots of fishes in the beach won't disappoint you. You can't help but you will appreciate the beauty of this place. It includes all the activities and is very neat and clean without any spilled garbage. After reading about all of these seductive beaches don't wait for things in your life. Think less and book your Malaysian tickets. Tensions will come and go as a part of your life. Give them a break and give yourself some time. This is your time and enjoy it to the fullest! Related: 11 Places To Visit in Malaysia
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