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6 Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling To Ladakh

Ladakh has recently joined the bandwagon of places deemed as hot picks for tourists. Thus, this arid, vast, chilly yet beautiful stretch in India's North Eastern region is now a much loved and acclaimed spot for tourists on the lookout for some adrenaline rush. Yet before you plan a Ladakh itinerary; acquaint yourselves with these top six tips that will stand you in great stead! 1. The Right Clothes - warm clothes in ladakhImage Source The summers of Ladakh are cooler than what you might have ever experienced in your native place at the peak of winters. This high altitude region needs travellers to wear the right clothes to avoid medical issues. From inner thermals to latex gloves and woollen overalls; you need to carry very warm clothes--in ample quantity on a Ladakh trip. 2. The Permit Story - Most parts of Ladakh needs travellers to provide permits or sanctions of visitation. These are easily obtainable from local authorities but as a tip, we suggest you to get this done before planning a trip for exploring Ladakh any further. This is especially essential for touring the Ladakh Inner circle regions. 3. Trekking Tips - Trekking-indus-valley-LadakhImage Source In case you are planning a trekking trip to Ladakh, remember to acquaint yourself with the weather for a couple of days before you get going. The high altitude could cause breathing issues for travellers. Therefore, stay put and suit yourself before going high up for a trekker's treat uphill. Also, make sure you carry a basic medical kit and common medicines for tackling such issues—just in case you have to face them!

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4. Carry Cash - rupeeImage Source While this is not really much advised these days, make sure you carry some loose cash around Ladakh. Especially in the smaller shops that are not in the capital city Leh, it is simply impossible to get going on your credit card. The shopkeepers or hotel owners here do not accept card.

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5. Check For Photography Allowance - no-photography-allowedImage Source Despite the blue lakes and the rocky roads oozing beauty, you must be careful of what and where you click. You might want to go snap snap with your camera but make sure you do so only in zones where this is allowed. There are many photography-barred zones in Ladakh owing to sensitivity reasons. There are warning signs spotted easily at such places. Therefore, this should not be much worrisome. 6. The Bottled Water Bit - Image Source Amid all this, do not forget that there is a high risk of dehydration staring at tourists when in Ladakh. Keep yourself hydrated by sipping on water from time to time. However, also remember that water in Ladakh is polluted in most areas. It is mandatory that you carry packaged drinking water in your backpack as much as is possible to carry. With these top tips about travelling in Ladakh, make sure you have a blast. Befriend the locals, bask in the isolated glory here and let your hair down while taking good care of your health. Ladakh can indeed be a journey to remember for life in ways more than one.
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