8 Tips To Follow For Road Trip To Ladakh

A trip to the mesmerizing hills of Leh and Ladakh is the most sort after the trip by each tourist across the world. Due to its panoramic beauty and magnificent culture, it is very essential to have one visit to the place. If you want to make your experience more amazing and exciting through taking a road trip then you should definitely follow some of the tips given below.

Tips to follow for Road Trip to Ladakh:

1. Carry Water Bottles :-

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One thing as a traveler you need to keep in mind is that the prices of the water bottles, as well as energy drinks and water purification pills, are quite expensive. Therefore, one should carry the water bottles in advance in your luggage.

2. Carry essential documents :-

Carry DocumentsImage - sportsafield Documents give you authenticity and also build a trust value. While traveling carry all the essential documents that give you identity. These documents are also required while you want a permit to some of the restricted areas.

3. Take petrol, diesel, oil and other essential equipment along with you :-

Take PetrolImage - autosvoice Oftentimes, you might be facing problems related to petrol in a vehicle getting finished. During such instances, you might be at a risk in your life. It is advisable to always carry diesel, petrol, lubricant oil etc on the hilly terrain.

4. Charger and camera too should be carried out with General Toiletries, Medicines, Clothes, raincoats, torchlight etc :-

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As you never know about the temperature might be just falling apart. Sometimes there are rains or sunny weather. You need to carry out all the essential clothes, toiletries, raincoats, torch light etc so that you don’t have to face problems. As the temperature fluctuates, therefore, you should take care of all the clothes.

5. Take permits in advance :-

Permit CenterImage - townofparadise If you are a local tourist or a citizen of India, you don’t require much of the permits only except from places that are restricted areas like Nubra Valley, Pangong Lakes, Tsumiri. The permits can be taken well in advance from the local magistrate of Leh district. In case, if you are an international tourist then you need to take a permit for all the places and get yourself registered.

6. Get your vehicle services with complete knowledge of each part  :-

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As the land area can be very adventurous while some of you might face the hunchbacks so it is very essential to know about your vehicle. Get the servicing of your vehicle done well in advance if you are planning for a road trip. You should know that what part of the cars or bikes you should pay an extra caution in terms of protection.

7. Don’t take a dangerous path and carry a map :-

Ladakh MapImage - thelandofsnows Another most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact to know the complete knowledge of the area. You should always carry a map along with you just in case you might just take a wrong path.

8. Never Drink and Drive :-

Dont DrinkImage - whatisamuslim One thing to keep in mind is not to drink and booze while you are driving on the Manali Leh highway, as it will not only cause problems in your belly but will also cause a trouble in your concentration level while driving. So remember to avoid the booze in order to make most of your trip.

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