9 Best Beaches of Kerala

God’s Own Country, Kerala indeed proves to be one! You can actually match your personality and beach type to select the best beach for you. History, culture, party, dining, medicine whatever be your tastes and preferences, Kerala beaches offer something for everyone. Here’s helping you find out your beach! 1. Alappuzha Beach Alappuzha_BeachNo wonder, this place is came to be known as the Venice of the East, famous for its boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. One of the most famous picnic spots of Kerala, this beach is very cardinal to the maritime history of Kerala.  2. Kovalam Beach kovalam-beachThe busiest and the most popular beach of Kerala, this place is often compared to Baga and Calangute Beach of Goa for its liveliness and happening culture. Made of two beaches, the lighthouse beach and hawa, this beach is abode to a lot of open air restaurants.  3. Marari Beach marari-eachIf your idea of going to a beach is not partying and being all so social but you would like to spend some private time with oneself or beloved, Marari is your destination. You can take advantage of the Ayurvedic and Yoga classes along the beach. Plus its proximity to Kerala Backwaters, Alleppey makes it all the more special.  4. Kannur Beach kannurIf the culture of Kerala has often fascinated you and you would like to experience along with the secludedness of a beach, kannur is your place. Known for Theyyam rituals, the masked-spirit possession rituals, you will get to experience the beauty of theyyam from October to May.  5. Cherai Beach Cherai_BeachThe best Golden Beach of Kerala, popularly known as “The Princess and the Queen of the Arabian Sea”, is a spectacle. You can even try some lip-smacking seafood here.  6. Bekal Beach bekal-beachIf the old historical structures around the clean, unspoiled and solitary environment is what you crave for, Bekal is your thing! No wonder the best of luxury hotel groups are making their way to Bekal.  7. Kappad Beach Kappad-BeachThe place where history speaks volumes with an ancient 800 year old temple, where Vasco Da Gama moored his ships back in 1498, is the very Kappad Beach. The gentle waters make it the most suitable beach for swimming.  8. Varkala Beach varkala_beachWhatever tastes and preferences you carry, Varkala is one beach that you can’t miss. Varkala is happening, touches the chord through a very ancient 2000 year old Vishnu Temple, known for the most amazing Sunset in Kerala. The natural mineral rich streams might even treat your skin and hair.  9. Ezhimala Beach Ezhimala_beachKerala is a place for historical foothold and a hub for medical treatment through ayurvedic regime. If this is what interests you, you are probably for Ezhimala Beach where the hills around are famous for rare medicinal herbs. Its time to awaken the Botanist in you! The Beach requires permission for entry though because of the upcoming Naval Academy there. I hope I helped you find out your beach but mind you this is not an exhaustive list. Want to know more about Kerala and its beaches comment below and discover Kerala.
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