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6 Amazing Ways to use Kerala backwater Houseboats

Kettuvalooms or Houseboats in Kerala is one of the finest ways to experience Kerala Backwaters with lagoons, lakes and canals adorning the serene waters. Houseboats were usually seen to beused as resting places to experience the beauty of the place all around you, giving you a better feel of the exquisite beauty. But lately Houseboats have found some really amazing uses breaking its image of a slow relaxation abode for the fast urban land and skyscraper residing creature, making it all the more fascinating. 1. Honeymooner’s Delight honeymoon1You might feel it is one obvious way a houseboat can be used, what might fascinate you is the way honeymooners are using the houseboat facility these days. Houseboat is like your moving stay in the Kerala backwaters unlike Kashmir where Houseboat is docked at one place. You can take packages according to the chosen places and surrounding Kerala heritage and beauty adding spice to your romantic journey.  2. The Bliss of Ayurveda South India and Kerala specifically has been attracting tourists from all over the globe for specialized Ayurvedic treatment, therapies and relaxation techniques. The good news is that you can now avail all those facilities on a houseboat with a better feel of the unparalleled Kerala allure. One Ayurvedic Spa on a Kerala Houseboat and you know how heaven feels like!  3. Kerala’s own version of Toy-Train If Ooty, Shimla and Darjeeling enchants people with its beauty chanting tales through toy-train, Kerala gives a better way to explore Kerala, where you can even stop at the chosen destinations and visit the places at your own ease.  4. Lets talk Business, literally! Are you bored of the walls of the boardrooms and searching for a cool location for your next business conference or meeting? I tell you the employees will not only be pleased but help improve productivity and result-orientation of the meeting with the serene and stress-free environment of the Kerala backwaters. And then you never know you might also end up improving your attrition rates.  5. Let’s Go Party tonight! The shady clubs, boring usual restaurant ambience has set a monotonous tone even for the most happening of events. These days Houseboat Even Management Companies have come up which not only organizes your corporate meetings and conferences but also parties and dinners for your special occasions.  6. Adventure Packages Houseboat is not only associated now with serene backwater experience but as a predominant part in the adventure travel packages. Moving across hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, high altitude mountain forests, cascading waterfalls and trek trails for a unique ‘adventurously serene’ experience through the Kerala backwaters. And this is how you can blend serenity in your everyday things and cast a wow spell on your personal and professional experiences. You are one of those adventure lovers, or a workaholic professional, a houseboat experience will make you follow your passion with unparalleled ease.
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