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5 Beautiful Islands Closest to India

What can be better than a trip to someplace where the horizon awaits us in every direction? Precious clear beaches with crystal clear waters, marvelous sceneries and the sky above: heavenfor anyone who wants a break from the monotony of their lives. Here is a list of 5 exquisite island destinations that lie close to India and definitely deserve a check out. MALDIVES maldivesMaldives is called “the tropical paradise’ for reasons. Unknown to tourists till late 1970s, its beauty is like no other. With over 5000 coral reefs and white sandy beaches, this group of islands situated in the southwest of India is a treasure of incomparable beauty. Even if you have nothing else to do, you won’t get bored walking in the soft white beaches leaving your footprints, much like a trip to this heavenly abode will leave imprints of happy memories on you. ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR andamanNot too far away, we have our own Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Consisting of 572 islands (36 of which are inhabited), this group of islands is unique and unlike any other place in India. The islands are shrouded in mystery for centuries because of their remoteness and inaccessibility. An epitome of beauty, these islands present a landscape of scenic beauty and picturesque extravaganza, jewels in the Bay of Bengal. Barren Island is the only active volcano of the India, situated at the southern tip of this cluster of beautiful jewels. Apparently, no traveler would leave this out of their list. Related: Underwater wonderland sea walk at Andaman MAURITIUS mauritiusA small tropical island situated in the turquoise southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a place you would want to spend your most treasured vacation. The warm tropical climate all year round, the rich green emerald Indian Ocean combined with the beautiful sandy beaches with the equally warm people whose friendliness is legendary have made Mauritius one of the most popular Indian Ocean destinations. If you are free and want a pristine location to spend your time in a way you won't forget it, Mauritius is the place to go. Related: Mauritius more than honeymoon destination MADAGASCAR madagascarYou must have fantasized about living the life of King Julian? Wanted to escape to the wild? The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar might be one of the poorest countries in the world but it is not a poor country if we talk about the beauty of this incredible biodiversity hot spot. For a country where tourism is the second largest export earner, Madagascar is a traveler’s paradise. It doesn’t really matter what kind of a traveler you are because Madagascar is a magical and colorful world with something with some genuine unforgettable experiences. Visit Madagascar and you might be "I like to move it (move it)" by the time you leave. SEYCHELLES seychellesRemember the picture perfect beaches you always see in movies and wish you would go there one day, make a house of wood, live on coconut and fish and forget everything else? Seychelles is the place for you then. This group of 115 glittering islands is known more for its luxury resorts but the beaches of Seychelles really do live up to the best with fine, porcelain-white sands. There are picture perfect beaches just everywhere the eye can see and they regularly find places in movies.
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