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How to Travel Bali on a Budget

Just thinking of Bali and a picture of beautiful place full of exquisite beaches, aquatic adventures and culturally brilliant places overshadow my mind. But I tell you more than just being a place, Balirepresents the aspiring state of mind, the colours of life, the tropical delight and so much more. But don’t worry I am not just making you drool! No more craving to be in Bali when the pockets hold you to the couch in the exciting holiday season! Frankly, unless you don’t want a private roof-top pool party on a super luxurious Villa, Bali is indeed a pocket-friendly place. But even then I present you the places and ideas to explore in Bali which my friend, money can’t buy! (A li’l money, maybe!) 1. Gamelan Orchestras and Dance Performances gamelanDancing and partying on the usual dance numbers, while being in Bali, is a mere act of foolishness. The Gamelan Orchestras is the local way to party and celebrate and you might get to see it in mostly all the festivals in Bali. My personal experience says, if you say hello to a native, there is a good chance to be invited in a private party too! 2. The Beaches Bali-beachIt’s the most obvious place where you can enjoy the endless deep blue and green waters, expansive peaceful beaches with all the fun and relaxing activities for free on almost all the Bali beaches! Just to add an attraction, on Seminyak Beach, people gather every evening to socialise and play frisbee, badminton, soccer ball and paddle ball and there is no way you are present and not invited to play along. And you don’t need to feel lucky to experience jam sessions because they happen almost every single night! Related: How To Plan The Perfect Holidays To Bali 3. Local Food and Accommodation bali-foodBali is one of the most cheapest places when it comes to food and accommodation. You can easily have authentic and delicious food from Java, Sumatra and Bali in night markets at Sanur, Seminyak and other Balinese towns. If a clean, nature-loving place with a beach along, a private room and bathroom, friendly staff and Wi-fi are all that you need, Bali can never disappoint on prices. Yuli in Sanur, Dani in Ubud and accommodations in Munduk will not just keep your pockets intact but pamper your senses too! 4. Balinese Art and Handicraft bali-arts-and-craftsYou are wrong if you thought Bali is just about beautiful places. Between Sanur and Ubud, there are a series of small villages which specialises in a particular art or handicraft! It’s like an entire village is dedicated to one single activity and hence the expertise, having carried the legacy for ages! Batuan for stone carvings, Celuk for silver jewellery, Mas for wood carvings and masks are some the most famous ones! You can even shop at much cheaper prices from the local villages. 5. Landscaped Gardens grand-hyatt-landscaped-gardenGrand Hyatt in Sanur and Tjampuan in Ubud are some of the famous award-winning landscaped hotel-owned gardens where they allow anyone to stroll for free! Selected dates already? You can’t just think more to give yourself a Bali Treat. One of the most adored places by travellers, there is a chance that you would like to spend your every vacation in Bali! Tell me about your experiences if you’ve already been there in the comment section below.
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