How to Spend Amazing 7 Days in Bali

Bali!!! The very word invokes our senses! It is more than islands and beaches. Astounding scenery, exotic beaches, tranquil atmosphere, invigorating nightlife, tropical gardens, ornate culture and traditions, Bali is a lot more than you think or imagine.  Travelling to Bali means an amazing vacation! How to spend amazing 7 days in Bali?

Here you go!

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Day 1 – Kick Star Your Memorable Vacation at Ubud ubud2Image Source

If sand and water isn’t your thing, start your vacation at Ubud. If you go crazy for beaches, save the best for the last! Anyway, get cultured, gain some knowledge about Balinese tradition, feast your body and mind at Ubud!

Bali is a perfect countryside destination, depicts Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali. You will fall for the typical Balinese at Ubud.

Sit back and stay relaxed - Treat your taste buds, try some tropical fruits, drinks, enjoy the dreamy scenes of nature • A relaxing stroll in the rice terrace –Don’t think what’s so big deal walking in the rice fields? The rice fields are so different! • Visit local stores, just spend your time leisurely • Unwind in your resort

Day 2 – Exploring the best of Ubud

Monkey_Forest,_Ubud,_Bali,_Indonesia_02Image Source

Visit Ubud Monkey Forest – A sacred area with ancient temples and historical sites. You happen to see the long tail macaques across the forest, of course, it is a monkey forest. Don’t feed the monkeys. • Traditional market visit - Every village has a traditional market, but it is more special in Ubud. • Warung – It is nothing but a local eatery in Bali, serving the Balinese cuisine. Feast on the typical Balinese Cuisine at Ubud. Not to miss the special lunch, amidst the rice field, a dinner to be cherished forever. • Balinese dance – An exotic blend of charm, elegance, and colors, eccentric beauty! If you love, try yoga at exclusive Yoga Barn!

Day 3 – Last day in Ubud, get the most of it ubud cycling Image Source

Cycle / bike riding - Don’t miss bike riding around the fields and mountains of Ubud; explore the dotted villages, nothing less than a scenic beauty.

Shop until you drop -Bargaining is the best thing you can do at Ubud! Shop the artistic crafts from the village artisans, representing Bali at unimaginable, of course cheap rates. Put in a simple term, Ubud is a tradition!

Day 4 – Seminyak - Explore Bali in a Different Color Seminyak - Explore BaliImage Source

Most people stay at Seminyak for the convenience. It’s the heart of modern Bali filled with invigorating activities. Seminyak represents the modern Bali without losing the authentic charms.

Start early from Ubud and reach Seminyak. After your lunch, just go and walk around Seminyak streets.

Spend your evening with sand and water with a drink at Seminyak’s trendy beach bars. Have moonlight dinner by the beach!

Day 5 – Explore more of Seminyak jimbaran-baysunsetImage Source

Now, you are almost half way through your amazing vacation. Why not pamper yourself?

Pamper yourself with the Balinese massage- You have access to a variety of spa therapies and massages in Seminyak, in all budgets. Spend some happy hours with typical massage, scrub, and bath or a soulful rejuvenation for body, mind and spirit, get the bliss!

• Get a short nap after the massage or go for shopping at Seminyak’s square! • Ride your way to Jimbaran Bay - Make it before the sunset. Enjoy the bliss of romantic sunset with a drink, followed by the exotic seafood dinner!

Day 6 – Kuta Beach / Explore lesser known serenity of Bali

kuta beachImage Source

A vacation at Bali is almost incomplete without visiting Kuta Beach! Kuta is the Cancun of the Bali and the traffic is hell!!! If you don’t want to indulge in populated beach, just hire a cab, try to explore nearby beaches.

Spend the whole day indulging in water-sports, dining at the beach bars, relaxing, watching the sunset etc.

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Day 7 – Time to Pack-up last day in baliImage Source Your last day at Bali! Don’t spend last day travelling a lot! Do something you loved most at Bali! Get another massage, soak in the tranquility of Bali, shop and shop, go lazy on the beach, and anything you wish! Pack your bags and fly home! The shortest duration to enjoy Bali is 7 days! It is no joke. You need at least a month to explore the Bali to the maximum. Happy travel to Bali!
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