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How to Make a Road Trip Fun and Memorable

Road trips can be the most fun and the most torturous experiences of your life, depending on how much you have planned in advance. The key to a fun filled, memorable road trips is the executionof the three Ps – planning, preparation and patience, especially if you have kids. Have you been planning a road trip and you want to make absolutely certain that you have the time of your life on this much needed trip? Below we have collected a number of tips that will ensure that your road trip be one that is filled with beautiful memories. Here is what you should do. Plan the Trip and Route Planning is one of the most important aspects of a road trip. The first thing you need to decide is where you want to go and which is the most comfortable and safest route. Make sure you know everything necessary about the route and check it on Google maps. Do not forget to take a map along as that will come in really handy. A guidebook may also be a good idea if this is the first road trip you plan to make. Pack and Prep the Vehicle Packing is the second most important thing that you need to take. It is best to take the things that you need and only as much as your vehicle can easily carry. Pack clothes, emergency medical kit, toys, some on the way board games, cutlery and some snacks, song CDs, digital camera and chargers. Keep any other thing that you may think is necessary like toiletries, medicines etc. Also ensure that you have enough cash and keep some extra for emergencies. Another thing that you need to check is the vehicle you will use for the road trip. Have it serviced by a mechanic, check oil, wipers, radiator and all the tires. Be sure to take a spare tire along. Ensure that your GPS system is properly installed and updated. If you don’t have one, think about getting one. It can save you from a lot of hassle on the road. If You Have Pets Along If you are taking your furry friends along, you will have to pack separately for them. Make sure you keep their carrier, food and litter box, as well as their favorite toy or blanket. This way they are more likely to not disturb you and stay comfortable while you drive. Beware Time and Money Time and money are two of the most precious things when you go on a road trip, which is why you need to be very careful about them. Try not to buy too many things while you are on the road because you are on a limited budget and you don’t want to run out of all the money before even reaching your destination. Likewise, beware the time. The earlier you start the trip, the better for you. When you are on the road, don’t get upset by small setbacks. Try to take in the view, capture lots of photos and have as much fun as you possibly can. The whole idea of the road trip is to let all the worries go and make the most of what you have then and there! Related: 10 Adventurous Things You Should Experience When You Get The Opportunity
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