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Top 6 Historical Places in India

For a country like India that has a history of thousands of years to boast of, it is quite obvious that the pool of major historical places will contain a variety that is matched only by the rich culturethey all showcase. Go in any direction in India and there will not be a single place that will not have a pinch of history in it.

List of 6 places in India that are a must visit for any ardent traveller

 1. Hampi hampiThe last capital of the kingdom of Vijayanagara, Hampi is a village that is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, this pristine place of historical importance houses some of the mostnotable Hindu temples. Dating back to the 14th century, the ruins here stretch for about 25 kilometers and contain about 500 monuments. Statistically, Hampi is the most searched historical place in Karnataka. Related: Famous Temples in India  2. Sivsagar SivsagarOnce the capital of the mighty Ahom kings of Kamrupa (modern day Assam), this town has the most distinct remnants of the Ahom era, showcasing its glory in all its might. From the majestic Ranghar and Karenghar to the Moidams (burial site of the Ahom kings) this is one place that gives an insight to the Ahom architecture that has stirred many a minds.  3. Khajuraho KhajurahoKhajuraho is the place that acts as a testimony to the fact that Kamasutra originated in India. With nearly two dozen temples here dedicated to sexuality, erotic vibes are bound to get loose! Providing an uninhibited peek into ancient Hindu faith and Tantric practices, there is nowhere else that you can find such intricate carvings in the world. The temples are best known for their erotic sculptures, yes, but more than that it is a show of love and celebration.  4. Agra AgraThe Taj Mahal changes its colour with the changing colour of the day and a visit to this place might just change your life! Like a poem crafted out of marble, the Taj sits there, beside the Yamuna, mesmerising you every time you look at it! Also here is the famous Agra Fort, or the Red Fort. With many remnants of Akbar’s reign here, definitely, there is more to Agra than just the Taj.  5. Ajanta and Ellora Ajanta and ElloraWhile the Ajanta caves are renowned for their paintings, the cave sin Ellora are best known for their marvellous architecture. Fully crafted by hand, these caves are like a breath of fresh air in the hillside rock they are carved in, literally situated in the middle of nowhere. These 63 caves dating from 2nd to 6th century AD with appalling beauty will make you sit back and think about the possibility of their existence!  6. Fatehpur Sikri Fatehpur SikriNow a well-known and well preserved ghost town, this was the capital of the mighty Mughal Empire during its days of glory. The town now stands deserted as the inhabitants left it due to shortage of water, but a visit here and you will feel teleported to the medieval times! Constructed fully out red sandstone, Fatehpur Sikri is an epitome of Mughal architecture and is full of palaces and courtyards that will delight you no end! India is a land of history and culture. Talk of human history and not talk of India, carries no possibility! Ancient, medieval or contemporary history, India has it all! Related: 8 Unthinkable Places in India
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