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7 Health Reasons to Unplug to a Beach Vacation

Finding reasons to go to a beach is the lamest thing ever but if you want to convince someone for a beach vacation, get ready to amaze yourself with its numerous health benefits for your mind,body and soul. Your health conscious better half will surely give in to your wish! 1. You can get an exfoliant treatment for free! exfoliant-treatmentThe playful sand granules is not just a cool quotient, but they act as a natural exfoliant for your skin and removes the dead skin cells naturally.  2. You can have a free hair spa hair-spaThe seawater is a natural cleansing agent that cleanses all the oils from scalp. Not only that, it helps add volume to your hair and get rid of dandruff.  3. It helps improve circulation and metabolism circulation_metabolismOne of the most fun part of going to a beach is to bury yourself in the sand. Let me tell you why you should do that more often! Sand burying activity helps you to gain overall resistance and increases your circulation and metabolism. Even our mighty Sun does that! It helps body generate Vitamin D and which in turn helps to improve circulation and metabolism.  4. It keeps you young Young-skin Going to a beach not only keeps you moving, fit and young through the physical exercises and beach sports like volleyball but the seawater which is more saline helps to retain the skin’s elasticity. The sea-water is full of anti-aging minerals that helps to preserve the tightness and suppleness and keeps you as young!  5. It helps in physical and mental fitness physical-mental-fitnessWalking barefoot on sand is a little more hard than walking on a flat rough surface which makes even an activity like walking a good physical activity. Not only the physical part but the gushing seawater, warm sun and the grainy sand helps to reduce effect and creates positive impact on your sleep and appetite.  6. It keeps you and your skin happy and healthy happy-and-healthy-skinApart from the exfoliant nature of beach sand and the positive effect of beach on your mood, the seawater is a curing, clearing and cleansing agent. You love tan or just hate it, it cannot decide if you should go to a beach! Seawater gives you a free acne treatment, removes semi-permanent scars and heals cuts. You might feel some burning sensation in the beginning, but its all for your skin’s good at the end! 7. It gives you Vitamin D Vitamin-D-benefitsEverybody knows about Sun’s connection to Vitamin D. But did you know that this miracle Vitamin can help to reduce the risk of Heart Attack, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and Depression. Not only that, it helps improve immunity and combating type II Diabetes. So wear your flip-flops and get ready to dress down. A beach delight is what you require this holiday season! Unplug from your smartphones, tablets and PCs and adopt three S (Sun, Sand and Seawater) for a healthy mind, body and soul! And if you know any other benefits, let us know in the comment section below.
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