Thailand Full Moon Party : A Complete Guide

Call it the magic of the full moon or the party rave that has made the crescent shaped Koh Phangan, the best beach party destination across the globe mostly on the very day of fullmoon every month. What’s the frenzy? The legend says some years ago, a few tourists mesmerized by the beauty of full moon, arranged a small party at Koh Phangan. The perfect ambiance of a full moon, the sight of gushing waves, white sand with a score of music became the perfect ingredients for the most amazing party ever. The magic had to spread and in no time it became a buzz inviting 25000-30000 party animals from around the world! 12 major sound systems along the length of the beach is enough to make Koh Phangan the party capital of Thailand. You are mistaken of you are thinking its just about some odd 25000 wild people going frenzy over the loud music. Dancing might be silent precondition for you to enjoy the crazy night but there is something for everyone here. From rock to trance, drum and bass, techno to reggae with jugglers, and fire-eaters, street artists to world famous DJs, everyone can have their best time with wilderness all around! Party Schedule Every Full Moon Night is the party Night at Haad Rin. But it might get postponed to the other day if there is any major Buddhist festival falling on the day. Following are your dates for 2015 to book for one gala night: 2 May 2015, 2 June 2015, 30 June 2015, 1 August 2015 , 29 August 2015 27 September 2015, 27 October 2015, 25 November2015, 25 December 2015 You might also like to know that one night bookings for full moon party is generally not a very good idea. You would have to book it for at least 3 days. And if you are wondering what Thailand has to offer in that time, here is your guide. Things to remember: Yes its going to be one wild night to remember but don’t let a bad experience ruin the entire fun by just taking note of a few things. 1. Consumption of drugs is illegal and highly penalizing in Thailand. No matter whatever someone says, just keep away! 2. We say a strict no-no to bags or anything valuable. Yes we are warning! 3. You might like to feel the beautiful white beach sand while dancing but we advice you to wear some footwear for there is good possibility of broken bottle glass here and there. 4. There are free enclosures for sleeping on the beach but we would not recommend you to take that facility! Its’ highly unsafe and you definitely would not like to sleep under heavy loud sound.

Where to stay

Since Thailand itself is a very tourism-oriented economy, there are good places to stay everywhere. Specially on the Island, Ko Phangan. But its definitely more recommended to find a place in Haad Rin to stay close to the action. But you’ll have to be at least 3-4 days before time to find a good place nearby. Also, if you plan to go back in the middle of the night to sleep, I would suggest you to take a bungalow, or else the loud sound would not let you leave party even when you are gone.

Yes it’s going to be one crazy night to forget your self in the wild. And if you are a party loyal animal, once just won’t suffice! You feel the groove and you've got some moves, its one hell of an experience! Let the party begin!
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