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10 Free Things To Do In New Zealand

From the beautiful white sand beaches to the underground caves illuminated with the light of glow worms, from age old glaciers to the scenic clear blue lakes, if you are looking for a place blessed with the unimaginably beautiful gifts of nature, New Zealand is your place to be! All for free! 1.      Franz Josef/ Fox Glacier The two most accessible glaciers of the world, this is one of the most beautiful places to explore for free in New Zealand. Franz Josef is a 12 km long glacier located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park; together with the Fox Glacier, 20 km to the south, it descends from the Southern Alps to less than 300 metres above sea level, surrounded by ever so beautiful, green and lush Temperate Rainforest. 2.      Lake Matheson Lake-MathesonLake Matheson, formed  approximately 14,000 years ago, is situated on the valley floor about 12 km from the current Fox Glacier and Aoraki/Mount Cook which is the highest peak in New Zealand, and Mount Tasman. Surrounded by red and white pine trees, Lake Matheson is famous for its reflected views of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. It contains long finned eel and a home to many beautiful and unique water birds. 3.      Mokena Geyser The Mokena Geyser is the only natural soda water geyser in the world, the Mokena bore currently produces 28,000 litres per day of water at between 75-85˚C. Main access to the geyser is up a steep gravel path, however, the Mokena Geyser Access offers an alternative route ideal for people with physical disabilities, or parents with wheel chairs. There is also a cafe by the southern entrance or plenty of areas in the domain to enjoy a picnic for free in New Zealand. 4.      Kerosene Creek Kerosene-CreekAfter a day long walk, this lovely creek, which is a natural thermal spring, is the perfect place to relax for free in New Zealand. There is a very small waterfall right alongside the track, just deep enough to sit in. The only down side is the kerosene smell and hence the derived name. There seemed to be no effect on the skin, but your clothes and body can retain the slight crude oil smell till the next day. 5.      Community Events Aucklan-lantern-festivalIf you are a party person, music lover or more of a social explorer with love for the unique local festivals, you should probably think about making New Zealand your second home! New Zealand is one of the most happening places ever with festivals, concerts, competitions, gathering keep happening round the year and mind you a lot of them are actually free! NYE Fireworks, Glenorchy, Races, JazzFest, Pasifilka Festival, The Auckland Lantern Festival are some of the major happenings to witness in New Zealand for FREE!. 6.      Clifden Caves, Tuatapera clifden-cavesThese limestone caves are approximately 18-22 million years old(one of the oldest structures in New Zealand). The sight of tens of thousands of glow-worms is one of the most incredible experiences you’ve had so far in your mundane life that can be availed for free in New Zealand. What you’ll also get to experience there is the unique and spectacular formations on ceilings and walls which have taken those many millions of years to form and are very fragile. While you go there, make sure you have a safety hat, visibility jacket, waterproofs and you are highly recommended to go in pairs. 7. Great tastings of NZ nz-tastingIf you are a ‘wine-explorer’ and love to experience the pleasure and luxury of wines from various parts of the globe, you might fall in love with this little part of the planet. New Zealand offers free tastings of its fruit brandies and schnapps, as well as internationally acclaimed Lemon Ice, Star Vodka and Blenheim Bay Gin. Do we need to say more? 8. Nugget Point Lighthouse NP-lighthouseIf you are a wildlife enthusiast, or a wildlife photographer, Nugget Point is your place to be in New Zealand. Nugget Point is home to sea lions, sooty shearwaters, shags, yellow-eyed penguins, spoonbills and a breeding colony of gannets. Occasionally, elephant and leopard seals visit the area. If you watch the water for a while, you might see Hector’s dolphins. Looking down on the rocks directly below the light house, you will see fur seals and their insanely cute pups lolling about, playing in rock pools rolling over each other and having some crazy fun. Even if you are not a wildlife enthusiast, the mere cuteness and innocence of this not-so-furry creature will make you a wildlife lover there and then! Bring binoculars for close-up viewing of this breeding colony. 9. Tane Mahuta Tane MahutaTāne Mahuta is a giant kauri tree in the Waipoua Forest of Northland Region. Its age is estimated to be between 1,250 and 2,500 years. It is the largest kauri known to stand today, standing at over 4 metres in diameter, with a girth of 13.77 metres, a trunk height of 17.69 metres, a total height of 51.5 metres and an estimated volume of 244.5 cubic metres. It’s one of the most spectacular and brilliant things to witness for free in New Zealand. 10. Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve The most scenic camping spot in New Zealand, this is the perfect place to be closest to the stars and Southern Alps. You can camp, experience the unimaginably beautiful and insanely brilliant ‘star-blanket’ all for free! The sight would not just go away from your memory for atleast a lifetime. And if you go to New Zealand and don’t spend a night camping under the stars, you have missed pure bliss and the feeling of absolute freedom just like that! There are other beautiful and amazing places like Horitika Gorge for its turquoise blue waters, spooky looking rock formations at Putangirua, Muriwai Beach, Goat Island, Mirror Lakes, Boiling Mud pools to name a few which you would not like to give a miss.  So if you are looking for a romantic destination with your spouse or you wish to romance with nature and have the most peaceful, fulfilling and amazing time of your life, New Zealand should definitely top your list!
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