Top 12 Eco -Tourist Places in Kerala

Kerala is a tropical paradise located amidst the tall palm trees with wavy sand beaches. The blue mountains with the pristine waters falling in the lush green cascade of the green vegetation will make you have an ayurvedic spas and treatments. It is also famous for the eco-tourist places.

Here is the list of top 12 Eco tourist places in Kerala:

1. Gavi :-

GaviImage - keralatourism

One of the major projects of the Kerala Forest Department, Gavi has caught the attention of many local as well as foreign tourists owing to the natural conservation that the place is offering to the paradise. Full of the picturesque plantations, as well as the beautiful Green Mansion, will just give you an embrace of the lifetime.

2. Konni  :-

KonniImage - keralatourism

A major town known for its elephant cages as well as amazing flora and fauna will just give you a splendid experience of the lifetime. It is also famous for the rubber plantations and the large forest becomes an Eco tourist hub for the travelers.

3. Periyar :-

PeriyarImage - wikimedia

The Periyar National Park which is located in Thekkady is a nature’s paradise and resemble the bounteous beauty. It is well known for the tiger as well as elephant reserve. It also has a hallmarked ecotourism park that is kept to rejoice the love of nature among the tourists.

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4. Parambikulam :-

ParambikulamImage - wikimedia

Another great wildlife sanctuary, the Parambikulum is known for the cascading waterfalls, the meandering lively streams, water reservoir and above all, it is famous for the hills and the natural habitat.

5. Rhodo Valley  :-

Rhodo ValleyImage - panoramio

Known as the silent valley plateau of the place, The Rhodo Valley near Munnar is quite famous for the endangered species of some of the exotic wildlife animals. It facilitates great amount of adventurous activities like the camps, trekking, slithering, rock climbing etc. One can also enjoy the blooming rhonderons which is the prime reason behind the name of the valley.

6. Thommankuthu :-

ThommankuthuImage - wikimedia

The mesmerizing seven-step waterfall, Thommankuthu is located at the heart of the Idukki district approximate 17 km from Thodupuzha. The place is famous for the trekking activities along with the bathing activities.

7. Aralam :-

AralamImage - keralatourismguides

Situated about 22 km from Iritty, the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is quite famous for the scenic beauty of the thick forest. It is also a great place to enjoy the camping activity amidst the natural habitat.

8. Peppara Sanctuary :-

Peppara SanctuaryImage - flickr

The great peppara sanctuary is located in the outskirts of the capital city of the Thiruvananthapuram which is known for its crystal clear waters, Asian animals, sambhars, forests and plantations.The site also facilitates the leisure and entertainment activity.

9. Eravikulum National Park :-

Eravikulum National ParkImage - keralatourism

A green paradise thatis endowed with the flora and fauna of the place is having a lot of endangered species. It is also a very lively place to enjoy in the heart of the nature with your beloved.

10. Attukad Waterfalls :-

Attukad WaterfallsImage - flickr

A great panoramic view that will just relax to your senses. The serene water is a feast for the eyes. You can also enjoy the trekking activity with the pleasure of the tourists.

11. Kuttanad :-

KuttanadImage - flickr

A perfect destination to spend your honeymoon with your beloved partner, the place is suitable to get cozy and romantic. The green paddy field with the backwaters is amidst the major attractions of the place. The magnificent rivulets with the shimmering waterways is simply a treat to the senses.

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12. Kollam :-

KollamImage - flickr

One of the ancient seaport that is recorded in the 14 century. You can view the awesome churches with spectacular mode will make you look out and give you a robust with the treat.

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