5 Dubai Safari Myths

Top 5 Dubai Desert Safari Myths

The land of dreams, the land of lavishness and the land of vivacity-- Dubai beguiles travellers over generation and from varied cultures. What’s more is the diversity that Dubai enthrals tourists with, not merely by its majestic high rises or snow skating rinks. Dubai offers THE safari- a much loved and fave pick for tourists around the globe. However, before you go rush into booking one such Dubai desert safari here's demystifying the top myths about these.

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1. You Get The Best At The Hotel -

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This is one myth you must bust. While most hotels have tie ups with safari organisers it is commonsense that they will try to sell you deals that have a share for them. Therefore stop booking Dubai safaris out of the hotel desk. They never offer you the best but only the bulk deals that come packed with crowds and are up for a quick sale. 2. Dune Dashing Is A MUST -

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Blame it on those action movies and myths propounded by travellers who have not actually experienced a Dubai safari, this is one falsity that you must stop believing. Dune dashing is a risky thing and no sane safari organiser would promise while risking the health of travellers in the car as well as the environment.

3. Camel Rides Last Into Eternity -

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Camel rides are never ‘reallllyyy’ long no matter what your friend says. This is again a myth associated with Dubai safari tours. The ship of the desert is naturally prone to walk short distances at a go. Therefore unless you book a camel ride package specially, you will only get a small ride on camel back while on a safari tour. 4. Safaris Are Crowded Always -

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Come on this is a myth as clear as daylight. Safaris are in demand but get crowded only when you book with an average organiser or when you crack a last minute deal. Ideally, you must book the safari tours early on to land the best package as well as avoid the crowds. Off season bookings for the next tourist season will be your best laid plan for a Dubai safari trip. 5. Chancing Upon Wildlife -

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It would only be a joke of sorts if you chance upon endless wildlife amid the dunes on a safari trip. After all, this is unnatural, is it not? Well for those propagating the myth that Dubai safaris lets you see animals galore on the way, it could only mean you have been imagining things! Pricing Saga

Safari tours in Dubai are operated by a large number of organisers and tour planners. The prices depend on inclusions in the package and also on the average duration of the safari. On an average, a safari in the desert with rides, camping, food and entertainment outings cost you anywhere from 350-650 dirham. The duration spans 5 to 6 hours. However, there are budget deals too and exclusive ‘all-splurgy’ deals to pick from as well.

Debunk all those classic Dubai desert safari myths and move on to experience one in true style. Dubai safaris are enthralling to say the least!

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