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The 3 Different Honeymoon Experiences Of Thailand

Thailand is a great honeymoon destination filled with sunshine, islands, and the beaches. The destination provides a lot of activities to choose from, especially with the existence of so manyislands. With friendly people, amazing food, and great spa treatments, you can never go wrong with Thailand when it comes to the ultimate peace, relaxation, great cuisine, and a great shopping experience. Here are the three different and unique experiences you can have in Thailand to make your honeymoon experience special and making sure that you and your partner get the most amazing bonding time possible: 1.     The Beautiful and Breathtaking Beaches If you are planning to go to Thailand for your honeymoon, experiencing the beaches there is a must. Thailand is filled with some of the most beautiful beaches, with each beach offering its own unique experience. The top three of these beaches are: Patong Beach In Phuket patong-beach-phuketPatong takes the cake when it comes to the beaches in Thailand. Being the most popular, it provides a lot of opportunities and activities for honeymooners to indulge in. People love this beach because it is lively and provides a wide variety of bars and restaurants along the beachfront, not to mention the  many water sports. You and your partner can even indulge in a relaxing massage while lying over the beach mat. The night time is especially fun with beach parties and meeting wonderful new people. Chaweng Beach In Koh Samui Chaweng beach is lined by various hotels and restaurants since the gentle sand and amazing beaches provide a great experience for all of the tourists. If you are visiting with your special someone, this beach could be a great romantic spot. Also, when you talk about beachfront on this island, it literally means on the beachfront, without any road separating the beach from the villas. chaweng-beach-koh-samuiKoh Larn In Pattaya If you and your loved one want to experience a beach that is calm, quiet, and away from the hustle and bustle of other beaches, you can visit the Koh Larn situated in Pattaya. The crystal clear water of this island and beach will be an extremely soothing experience. While Pattaya itself is very busy, exciting, and brash, the beaches there are calm and have a country like feel to them. You will also find amazing restaurants there that provide amazing dining experiences on deckchairs right next to the beach. koh-larn-beach-pattayaThe beaches are a unique experience on their own, no matter what type they are. Also, with these beaches, you will be able to indulge yourself in a lot of water related activities as well such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing. When it comes to Thailand, you can simply not miss out on the underwater life. 2.     Heading Down To Chiang Mai The city of Chiang Mai is quite charming, and visiting it will be an experience you will never forget. You will get to see the true culture and history of Thailand there and immerse yourself in some delicious cuisine. Make your honeymoon unique by registering yourself for the elephant mahout training course. You can also witness a lot of beautiful golden temples in the city and a very colorful night market. While Chiang Mai is smaller than Bangkok, it is quite relaxing and highly vibrant. From Chiang Mai, you can go to the countryside to explore the mountainous and lush green landscapes. The city also offers a lot of options for trekking, which can be a great opportunity for the more adventure loving couples. If you are a natural cook and love the local cuisine there, you can even consider enrolling yourself in the cookery school there for a full or even a half day. In all, Chiang Mai is great and offers some of the best spas and massage therapies, restaurants, culture, and sceneries. Chiang-Mai3.     Have A Little Fun In The Capital The city of Bangkok is truly intoxicating, with some of the amazing rooftop venues for the yummiest cuisine, along with shopping centers that are unique, world class, and will simply take your breath away. The city also offers a lot of opportunities to pamper yourself and relax at some of the most amazing spas that the city has to offer. The city is very crowded, hectic, and frenetic. However, going to Bangkok will give you an experience that is completely different from that of the beautiful beaches and the city of Chiang Mai. Bangkok is developing at a very rapid pace, and is emerging into one of the most iconic and fashionable cities in Asia. However, despite these developments, the temples of the city are gorgeously preserved. You can go see the Grand Palace that will amaze you beyond measure. The one thing that people should remember about the Grand Palace is that they are required to follow a proper dress code before entering the temple. This dress code encourages modesty. However, if you are not wearing the required clothes when you reach there, you can visit a booth nearby where you can find clothes to cover you up. The other side of Bangkok, i.e. the rural floating markets is situated right next to the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. You will not be able to believe how close you are to seeing the two different sides of the city. Bangkok-TempleLet the beautiful Thailand captivate you by witnessing all the different sides that it has to offer. With Thailand, you will surely be able to experience it all, from the beaches to the lavish city life, and you will be amazed as to how vast and different all the regions of Thailand are to each other. This diversity is the most amazing feature of Thailand, and therefore, it will make your entire honeymoon experience quite distinctive and fun. Not to mention, the people of Thailand are extremely humble and nice, and will be more than willing to help you whenever the need arises.
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