10 Famous Caves In India

Caves amaze us all. Either natural or man-made, they make us ponder about their beauty and sheer elegance. India with a rich heritage and long running history is home to many caves.Here’s a list of the 10 most famous caves in India. 1. Ajanta and Ellora, Maharashtra Ajanta-ElloraThese are undoubtedly the most famous caves of India and need no introduction. The 63 caves that make up this group are truly magnificent not only for their beauty but also the aestheticism that they bring along and one needs to see them to actually appreciate their beauty and form. 2. Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra elephanta-cavesHand carved out of a single rock, this wonder is located just off the coast of Mumbai. A marvel indeed, these caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and can be reached through a ferry from the Gateway of India. There are seven caves here and the main cave has many stunning large sculptured panels. 3. Badami, Karnataka badami-caveAttractive due to the presence of many beautiful cave temples, Badami is carved at a very picturesque location- overlooking the Agastyatirtha Tank and the heart warming and beautiful waterside Bhutanatha Temples. Four caves here are dedicated to individual deities and one can have a touch of devotion coming here along with the beauty that is Badami. 4. Udayagiri Caves, Orissa udayagiri-caveIn an area dotted with many ancient caves, the Udayagiri caves stands out! Also known as the Sunrise Hills, this beautiful hill has a plethora of intricately carved caves believed to be once occupied by Jain aesthetics. There are many individual attractions her like the Tiger Cave and the Queen’s Palace Cave. 5. Tabo, Himachal Pradesh tabocaveIf adventure is what you aspire for on your next cave visit, Tabo is the place to go. With spiritually vibrant caves, perfect to go into trance, this group of caves come with a pinch of thrill. Situated in the Spiti Valley at a high altitude, this is a rugged and rocky terrain. This is the place where the local Buddhist lamas retire to meditate. 6. Mawsmai Caves, Meghalaya mausmai-cavesWhile all other caves of Meghalaya are dark and wild, this is the only one with lights. Located near the wettest place on earth Cherrapunji, this beautiful cave is also very near to the magnificient Nohsngithiang Falls and is one of the most famous caves in India. 7. Pataleshwar Caves, Maharashtra pataleshwar_caveDedicated to the Lord of the Underworld, these caves are located in Pune. It is believed that they were cut out from a single rock and is a perfect example of rock cut architecture. Also housing a museum, these caves are famous for its massive pillars and the shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and Nandi. 8. Undavalli Caves, Andhra Pradesh Undavalli_cavesVijaywada houses the famous Undavalli Caves. Well preserved and with an unmatched tranquillity, these caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here, the quietness might just scream aloud into your ears! 9. Varaha Cave, Tamil Nadu Varaha-caveNamed after one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the famous Varaha cave is located in Mahabalipuram. A part of the UNESCO World Heritage group, it is one of the major caves of Tamil Nadu along with Narthamalai and Sittanavasal caves. 10. Bhimbetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh bhimbetkaExhibiting Stone Age rock paintings that are more than 12,000 years old, this is a World Heritage Site. Famous for its paintings, this is a must visit place for cave explorers and history lovers alike. With paintings depicting hunting, dancing, animal fighting, decoration of bodies and many others painted in red and white, this is always a feast for the eyes. Either you are a lover of history or serenity; caves in India provide you both. So, what are you waiting for? Go on! Explore! And get lost in the depth of the beauty that these caves are!
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