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Business Travel Is Hectic – 5 Tips to Make It Easy

Business travel is often demanding, and can be hectic for even the most seasoned of travellers. To make the most of their business trips, travellers usually tend to compromise on the food they eat,the number of hours they sleep, and their overall comfort, which results in their health taking a hit. If you are the kind of traveller who cuts corners in order to pack in as much as you can on your business trips, then discontinue this habit as it will eventually affect your productivity and long-term health. Successful people manage business trips effectively. They plan well, save time, and remain stress-free. This is beneficial to cope with the inevitable challenges such as flight delays, long security check-ins, loss of luggage, etc. If travelling is an important aspect of your job profile,here are 5 tips for making your business travel less miserable and easier. 1. Be Proactive Start planning well ahead of time. This will save your time and reduce chances of error. Prepare a checklist so that you do not miss out on anything important. Avoiding peak travel days and peak hours will save you from crowds and delays. Always go for the first flight of the day, as there are less chances of it getting delayed. Moreover, be quick in switching to plan B if things go awry. If you are a frequent traveller, always pre-pack all your essential items. While travelling through roads consider bad road conditions and carry an emergency kit. If you travel mostly by air, never pick flights with short layover durations, as they can be disastrous when you want to board a connecting flight from a different terminal. Layovers of a couple of hours give you the cushion of time to stretch your legs and have a meal comfortably. Carrying some cash during travel is a good idea; it saves those extra few seconds when you are in hurry and want to grab a meal. Keeping a check on the weather at your destination is also important. It helps you plan alternative arrangements. 2. Avoid Hefty Luggage Carrying light luggage is likely to result in stress-free travel. Light luggage means greater mobility and more options. You can easily walk through busy airport terminals and can never miss a connecting flight. A carry-on bag is ideal for hectic business travel. Carrying your luggage on board reduces the chance of it getting lost or misrouted. It also saves time, as you do not have to wait for your luggage at the baggage claim counter or stand in customs queues. Moreover, there is no luggage check-in for carry-on bags, so you do not have to arrive early at the airport. The best part is, it does not exhaust you and prevents body ache that comes with handling heavy over-packed bags. 3. Dress Right Carrying the right clothes also eases your business travel. Opt for wrinkle-free garments. They will save your time in ironing your outfits when you are late for a meeting. Alternatively, opt for dark-coloured clothing. It won’t prevent creases but will definitely disguise them. Go for casual pants and skip the restrictive blue jeans. Casual pants will allow you to be comfortable when not much legroom is available. If you must carry a blazer or heavy outer wear, it is better to wear it than place it in your carry-on bag to save space and also keep yourself warm in the freezing cabin. Wear slip-on shoes instead of shoes with laces and straps. They are comfortable for when you are racing for flights, navigating long corridors of airports, and also easy to remove at the security check. 4. Have a Backup Plan Travel emergencies can be a huge waste of time. Having a backup plan, makes you more spontaneous when your travel plan changes and enables you to manage the situation more effectively. Flight delays are a common scenario. Always plan an alternative journey. Also, consider smaller airports to avoid delays and crowds. Always carry important files and personal documents in your carry-on baggage. Be prepared for when the Internet is not available. Save files that you will need to refer on multiple devices like your laptop, flash drive, or smartphone. Having a backup plan also includes carrying an extra pair of clothes for times when you accidentally damage your clothes with food stains. It is also advisable to wear a ready-to-go outfit for instances when your flight is delayed and you have to head straight for a meeting. 5. Have Enough Sleep The pressure of delivering high performance, working through hectic schedules, and staying up late contribute to poor sleep.Sleep deprivation affects daytime alertness and leads to accidents. A sound night time sleep increases your productivity and helps you stay healthy and energetic throughout the next day. Besides the night time sleep, always take a nap while travelling. It makes travel much more endurable. Try to grab a window seat to avoid getting disturbed and go to sleep as soon as you buckle in. Listening to sleep-promoting music and using C-shape pillows can aid your sleep. Exercise also plays an important role in healthy sleep. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before heading to bed as their consumption leads to disturbed sleep. It is also important to relax before bedtime. Try a hot water bath or read your favourite book. Business travel can never be an entirely stress-free endeavour. But by following these tips and opting for travel packages, the odds will be in your favour and make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.
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