11 Best Ways to Plan Honeymoon on Budget

Honeymoon is that one awaited vacation that acquires a significant amount of your fantasy time pre and post wedding! Always a little tight on budget, it’s really not a pleasant feeling tocompromise on little things. Here we give you ways to make your honeymoon the best vacation of your life yet save big bucks and then you might also like to share it with your friends planning to get married. 1. Priority Check Make your priority list of your honeymoon destination. Also, a priority list of things to do or places to visit. It’s okay to miss out on the last few places. Make sure it is a mix of fun activities, romantic gateways and solitary peaceful places to have the best time together.  2. Hire a Travel Agent/Agency They are experienced and they know it. One, it save you a hell loads of your own valuable time. And my friend, time is money! Two, they give you better deals. Much less expensive. Plus even if you have thought of your dream destination already, they might tell you places/things worth skipping there. 3. Off-season Savings This can get you really amazing big-time price cuts if you plan your trip immediately before o after the peak season. And yes my focus here is on the word ‘immediately’. Peak seasons are sometimes just over-hyped and surely don’t want to pay just the hype-price. 4. Exchange Rate Benefits Keep an eye on exchange rates if you are planning a honeymoon trip abroad. You can save big bucks on just on the exchange rate  loops. Also, you can even choose destinations with a lesser currency value than yours provided you don’t have to compromise much on your dream things to do on your honeymoon! 5. Early Bird Advantages Booking early can sometimes save almost 55% on cruises where they announce their itineraries some 10-15 months ahead. And that even stands true on the air-fares and hotel bookings. 6. Consider an Air Pass If you plan to go to 2-3 destinations or more in your honeymoon, you might want to consider an Air-pass which certain foreign airlines offer. These are much cheaper. The only compromise will on the time limitation you are allowed to stay at a selected stop. 7. The ‘All-Inclusives’ Deal You can actually save a lot on taking fixed all-inclusive packages. But you need to be a little investigative and very clear about what all is included in the deal or you would have to bear a few disappointments. 8. Enjoy the weekend dips You can avoid flying on Mondays and Tuesdays for higher air-fares. Flying on Sundays can sometimes get you the least air-fares. 9. Stroll Away to Eat Hotel restaurants are comfortable but sometimes they are little too high on prices. You can consider other local famous eateries which serves much authentic food. Also, the idea of romantic long walks around the city has always been so exciting. You might get your perfect moment.  10. Cook Together Sometimes you can give away eating outside but even have a romantic cook time together. It saves big and gives you your only time.  11. Be open and Loud Mention that it’s your honeymoon trip to anyone and everyone you call for reservations and bookings. The Hotel reception, the dinner table, the travel agent or anyone. You might get some honeymoon surprises on the go! If the idea sounds a little stingy to you to save on honeymoon then rethink. You would probably like to invest more at places where it matters more and others can often be skipped. Whatever you do but make sure you don’t compromise on your best times together!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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