8 Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Waterfall is one of the few awe-inspiring things in the world. It is a natural wonder, cannot be explained with words! We are gifted with some astounding waterfalls scattered here and there across the world. You may now have one more reason to capture the spectacular sights that adds to the best things about the life in the magnificent planet called earth! Here is the list of top 8 amazing waterfalls in the world, must to visit at least once in your lifetime!

1. Victoria Falls – Zambia and Zimbabwe

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Named after Queen Victoria, this is the largest waterfalls in the world. Victoria falls is one of the prominent attractions in Africa, a UNESCO Heritage site, and never missed by travelers. It is the only waterfall in the world with more than 1 kilometer length and 100 meters height. The beasty beauty is regarded the thundering smoke! Opening and Closing Time Winter: (15th May – 14th August) - 06:30 – 18:00 Summer: (15th August – 14th May) - 06:00 – 18:00 Cost per person: Starts from $60

2. Kaieteur Falls – Guyana

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If you are an adventure seeker, Kaieteur will freeze your blood! Yes, you will skip a heart beat when you see the steep sharp cascades! It is one kind of its wildest single drop waterfalls, you can see ever. Located in Kaieteur national park on Potaro River in the breathtaking Guyana rainforests. Best time to visit: March to September Visit to waterfalls is not available on all days. So plan your travel and book the visit on the first day itself. If the first day gets cancelled, you can check for the next day. You can book for overnight stay. The accommodation costs start from $200. Cost per person: On an average basis it costs around $150 per person.

3. Gullfoss Waterfalls – Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfalls – IcelandImage Source

How about visiting low height waterfalls offering breathtaking views? Gullfoss is the one located in the Southwest part of Iceland in the upper part of Hvita river Canyon! The height of the fall is just 32 meters. You can easily access the falls without hiking to enjoy the bliss. There is no entry fee and just enjoy the stunning falls. The waterfall freezes during the winter and even it looks splendid.

Best time to visit: Summer, May to August Opening and closing: Early sunrise to sunset

4. Iguazu Falls – Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu Falls – Argentina and BrazilImage Source

Bordering Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu waterfall is neither too height nor too low! With more than 250 cascades, the waterfall is quite impressive! The inferable cascades form horseshoe and stretches beautifully for more than 8000ft! A stunning visual to cherish. It also provides some breathtaking views on rainforests of Brazil.

While you explore the walking trails and tropical rainforest of the park along with the waterfalls over Argentinean side, the falls offer the complete frontal view from Brazilian side. You may need one full day trip to enjoy the beauty of the falls nestled in dense forest! Best time to visit – March – April and August – September Opening and closing time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m Cost: Around $150 per person per day (include park entrance fee, rides in the park, etc)

5. Angel Falls – Venezuela

Angel-Falls-VenezuelaImage Source

The highest and most beautiful waterfall in the world with uninterrupted flow! Named after Jimmie Angel who discovered this hidden treasure, Angel Falls is one of the most sought after waterfalls and a UNESCO world heritage site! Best time to visit – April to November Opening and closing time: 9 am to 5 pm Cost: $4 per person

6. Yosemite Falls – USA

Yosemite FallsImage Source

Yosemite is the largest waterfall in North America, located at an altitude of 739 meters at California in Sierra Nevada. Do you know the source of the waterfall? It is nothing but the melting snow! That’s intriguing isn’t it? The second best thing about this waterfall is interesting legends carried over generations. Don’t miss out hearing these chilling stories! Best time to visit: May and June( peak season) and July, November to April (average flow) Cost: Around $60 per person Opening and closing: 6 am to 6 pm

7. Sutherland Waterfalls – New Zealand

Sutherland Waterfalls – New ZealandImage Source

This is one of the most picturesque destinations, a popular attraction in New Zealand. One of the tallest falls captures the visitor’s heart and mind as three cascades fall into the beautiful landscape. Best time to visit: December to February Opening and Closing: 8 am to 5 pm Cost: starts from around $50

8. Niagara Falls – Canada and USA

Niagara-Falls-USAImage Source

No list of beautiful breathtaking waterfalls is complete without Niagara! It is a cluster of three massive waterfalls, straddling the international border of USA and Canada! It is formed by glaciers. Best time to visit: June to August 6, 2015 Opening and Closing: 24 hours a day Cost: Entry fee $10

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