9 Most Beautiful Places in India

Think of beautiful and the sky-touching misty mountains, horizon-less deep blue waters, lush green landscapes, falling milk-like water cover my eyes leaving an impeccable mark on memory. It is for this reason this beauty has long became the fantasies and muse to a lot of painters and poets. Lets explore some of the most beautiful places India has to offer. 1. Pangong Lake, Ladakh Pangong_TsoSynonymous to the word beauty itself, Pangong looks exactly like a fanciful fantasy of a painter with deep colours covering the entire landscape with no sign of pollution any point. Spread over 600 sq. km, the lake waters are shared by India and China with 60% region lying in China.  2. Andaman Islands andaman-islandTalk of lush greenery, boundless azure water adorned by coral reefs, serene settings and what is better than Andaman Islands. Best in India for snorkelling and diving experiences, this place is a strict no-no to miss.  3. Sandakphu, West Bengal SandakphuThe mesmerizing views all set to take you by awe, the colourful mountain ranges, a small village at the top of the lofty mountain makes the perfect setting for an escape from the urban world. 4. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh KhajjiarIndia’s very own Switzerland, Khajjiar is one of the most romantic places in India where the nature looks at her best to be your mistress. The summer months makes her the prettiest when she wears a robe of colourful flowers, lush greens with a little mist making her all so mysterious.  5. Tsomoriri Lake, Leh tsomiririFeel like losing yourself in the calmness of waters? Tsomoriri Lake makes the perfect match. Situated on one of the highest and widest plateaus in the world, Changthang Plateau, the lake makes a perfect migratory abode for rare species of birds like Black Necked Crane, Brown Headed Gull and Great Crested Grebe.  6. Kashmir Valley kashmir-valleyKashmir isn't called Paradise on Earth for nothing. The Shalimar Garden, the gulmarg and who can forget the Dal Lake can never take its tag of heaven on Earth. And if you are one of those adventure kinds as well, this place will play every string of your heart with the amazing mountaineering and river-rafting experiences.  7. Athirapally Falls athirapally-fallsIn God’s own country, Athirapally Falls gives Kerala a touch of fantasy land with the water gushing down the cliffs in milky-white streams. Falling through 80 feets, the view itself will make you forget your identity in the flowing water.  8. Aizawl, Mizoram aizawlMaintaining the legacy of Seven Sisters, for being the most beautiful in the country, Mizoram looks like a place hand-crafted with all time and creativity to make it look and feel the best. And then the capital, Aizawl would make you fall in love which is literally built at 4000 feet above sea-level. 9. Munnar, Kerala munnarWhere the aroma of cardamom and tea seduces your entire being, where the lush green plantations makes you gaze them for hours, where the majestic hills and pristine surroundings makes you lose yourself, that is our Munnar! The beauty of these places would enamour you to an extent that you would like to get lost and never come back. The mind settles and becomes so serene that it indeed feels like going to a different world altogether. Pack Up!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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