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Top 5 Beach Getaways For Honeymooners

Beach honeymoons are always great and mostly preferred over honeymoons in cities without beaches. People like to think of exotic places when it comes to their honeymoon so that they canbe mesmerized by so much beauty and indulge themselves in unique experiences. Most people only get one honeymoon. Therefore, you might as well make it the best honeymoon you will ever have and spend some unique and quality time bonding with the person that you married. Here are the top five beach getaways that are so exotic that the honeymooners will fall in love instantly: 1.     Maldives MaldivesMaldives is a perfect honeymoon getaway and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. This deserted island is 430 miles towards the southwest of Sri Lanka, and a lot of ocean means that you get to enjoy a lot of refreshing dives and get to see moray eels, stingrays, whale sharks, Manta rays, turtles, and reef sharks. With so many islands in Maldives, you get a chance to explore so many territories. The sand there is super soft and the turquoise reefs that you get to see underneath the crystal clear waters is simply exquisite. The vacation in Maldives is perfect for the couples who want to vacate on a deserted island while at the same time get all the luxuries of the civilized world. Just imagine relaxing in one of those tiny huts like the ones shown in the picture below and being surrounded by the crystal clear water by all four sides with your spouse. Looking around you, you will know what real beauty truly is. 2.     Fiji FijiThe very first thing that you will find out when you land into Fiji is that the people over there are extremely friendly who will be sure to greet just about everyone with a ‘Bula!’ meaning ‘Hello!’ The beaches on these islands are amazing with many of the islands offering the best diving and snorkeling experiences ever. The one thing that makes Fiji a lot different from the rest of the island chains is that it consists of a lot of championship golf courses. Therefore, all the golfers out there will have a great time there. Fiji provides people with a lot of activities to involve themselves in, and the trip is ideal for all types of honeymooners, no matter how old they are. Another great aspect of the trip is that the rooms in Fiji will have no phones or TV, which means that you can disconnect from everyone and focus all of your attention on your partner and the honeymoon. You will however, have access to the high-speed internet. 3.     Santorini SantoriniSantorini is a very popular destination for tourists and honeymooners alike. The colorful beaches and the red and black sands make this trip extremely memorable. Apart from this, honeymooners can indulge themselves in a lot of archeological beauties such as the Ancient Akrotiri. You can even go all the way up to the Manolas situated in Thirassia by climbing ancient stairs. This point will lead you to an amazing view of Caldera. This view will be something that will simply take your breath away, especially if you are visiting the island for the first time. Apart from the scenic beauty and historical sites, there is also so many other things that you can do on the island like, sunbathing, swimming, sailing, and bathing in the hot springs. Overall, you are surely going to have an amazing and a relaxing time there. Just looking at the island will take away the stresses of your life and will instill a new calm within you. 4.     Seychelles SeychellesSeychelles is mostly popular and a great honeymoon destination because of the amazing beaches, white and soft shorelines, and immense boulders that give Seychelles its distinctiveness. The greatest thing about Seychelles is perhaps the fact that the beaches are never crowded, even if you end up going to the most popular beach. The food and wine in Seychelles is imply divine, and if you are a fan of water related activities, then you simply have to indulge yourself in snorkeling and diving related activities. You can even visit the Curieuse Island where you can relax alongside the giant tortoise. If you love fishes, then go visit the Beau Vallon and have a dip into the sea. Seychelles is a perfect destination for the adventure loving couples where you can hop on various islands and explore each one until you get tired. 5.     Bora Bora Bora-BoraThe ever beautiful Bora Bora Island provides a great escape for the honeymooners, as it an amazing relaxation spot. The most unique aspect about this island is that there are dormant volcanoes that rise and then spill into the aquamarine lagoon. Bora Bora is a luxurious getaway and is completely blissful. With sunny skies, friendly locals, warm waters, and amazing resorts, you can never go wrong with Bora Bora. There are various activities that you can indulge yourself in on the island. Enjoy snorkeling and diving into the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and from there you can go on down to Vaitape to explore the town. The Mount Otemanu is an excellent hiking point for all those people who are into hiking. With so much natural beauty and the ultimate amount of relaxation, you are going to come back feeling refreshed and energetic. These five islands are the royals when it comes to all things exotic, peaceful, and breathtaking. You and your spouse are definitely going to fall in love instantly, not only with the island, but you will likely fall into a much deeper love with each other as well. Apart from this, since these islands promote tourism, they will be sure to take good care of you and accommodate you in the best possible manner. Let your honeymoon be a dream vacation for yourself and your partner, where you can simply unwind for a while and enjoy each others company.
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