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8 Most Amazing Bali Beaches

One of the most visited destinations in Asia, Bali is famous for a lot of things. Other than the amazingly diverse flora and fauna it has in its disposal, it is known for the rich cultural history. However, Bali is particularly famous for its beautiful beaches. Whether you want a swim or you want to surf or just want to sit there and relax, Bali has some of the best beaches available. Here is a list of the top beaches there: 1. Kuta Beach Kuta-BeachThe perfect haven for surfers, with high waves and strong currents, Kuta Beach brings with it a hint of adventure. Always crowded with tourists, the energy at this place is unparalleled. The nightlife here is even more amazing with over-the-top parties that will make you dance even if you are the most pathetic dancer! 2. Nusa Dua Beach nusa-dua-beach1If one starts describing Nusa Dua Beach, it would seem like describing paradise. Crisp golden sand, tall palm trees, clear blue waters, wild mangroves, fragrant trees and succulent orchards make this arguably the most visited beach in Bali. While swimming is a great experience here, the water is fit for snorkelling and surfers get a respite on the southern and northern ends. 3. Sanur Beach Sanur-BeachA beach several kilometres long in the south of Bali, Sanur welcomes you with golden sand and small corals. Actually, this place is a shell-collector’s paradise. The water here is perfect for swimming and because of the fact that it is crystal clear, you can actually spot sea creatures while walking on the beach! 4. Geger Beach Geger-BeachThis is a beautiful white sand beach. Glistening in the sun, this beach has calm water that might turn a bit hostile in the evening. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can see the local seaweed farmers going about their business here. 5. Balangan Beach balanganWhoever said that the journey is better than the destination must have been to Balangan Beach. One of the best known beaches in Bali, it is located across from the greens of Uluwatu. In order to get there, one has to pass local villages with cattle grazing the fields and the local people going about their chores. This is a quiet beach, perfect for a secret getaway. While currents make it difficult to swim here, it is perfect for idle walks. 6. Padang-Padang Beach padang-beachSurrounded by huge rocks and overgrown by plants and monkeys, you'd need to get pass the narrow passages and steeps to get here. And once you are there, you’ll understand that you've earned it! It has small caves for exploration nearby and is suitable for swimming too. 7. Bias Tugal Beach bias-tugalThis small beach is one of Bali’s best kept secrets! Tucked away near Padang Bai, one has to make a 500m trek to reach here. After the trek, your reward would be stretches of white sand, the sparkling blue sea and the swaying coconut trees! 8. Lovina Beach lovina_beachThis is a beach that has black sand. Yes, you read that right. The sand here is actually the cooled lava of Mt Agung volcano. One can find dolphins here during sunrise and there is a fisherman’s village nearby. Vastly secluded, this is one place where peace of mind is guaranteed! May it be for the pristine beauty of it or the uniqueness each beach bring along with it; May it be the coconut trees or the waves that hit the shores; Bali’s beaches are never to be missed by any ardent traveller.

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