Top 10 Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala

Kerala is a land of beaches and healing massage therapies. With the aroma of purity and healing oils, you can get the peaceful and tranquillity of mind. The harmony within your relationship will be perfectly blended with these ayurvedic resorts.

Here are the top ayurvedic resorts in Kerala:

1. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort :-

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health ResortImage - somatheeram

Amidst the serene atmosphere of the pristine state Kerala lies the world’s first ayurvedic resort. It is a home to all the ayurvedic therapies that provide calmness and peace in your mind. In the silent setting exercises like yoga and meditation too takes place in the resort. The ambiance of the place will just make your heart happy. The complete essence of the resort is ayurveda.

2. Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village Health Resort :-

Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village Health ResortImage - tnetnoc

Situated in Palakkad and nearby to the world’s largest mountain pass between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village Health Resort is a perfect place for all those who are looking out for relaxation during their trip to the state. With an atmosphere of the jungle, you will experience the healing therapies of your mind.

3. Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort :-

Beach and Lake Ayurvedic ResortImage - hotel

A boutique resort with all the top qualities and facilities, the Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort in Trivandrum offers pure healing with the help of ayurveda. The doctors and the therapists are well experienced and dedicated to giving excellent services to the guests. You will get a breath taking experience of staying along the coast of the beach with all the healing treatment through the ancient therapy.

4. Vedic Village Resort :-

Vedic Village ResortImage - vedicvillageresorts

One of the greatest backwater resort of Kerala, the Vedic Village Resort promises a very rejuvenating and refreshed experience of the ayurvedic healing therapies. You will get marvelous experience of the ayurveda.

5. Kalari Kovilakom :-

Kalari KovilakomImage - kalarikovilakom

Kalari Kovilakom gives you a royal paradise treatment of the healing therapy. It gives you a therapeutic experience with ayurveda. The healing process in the resort will give you a very promising excitement.It is a palatial place that will give you a healing treatment.

6. Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort :-

Nattika Beach Ayurveda ResortImage - thenattikabeach

A lush green resort that will give you a holistic treatment for the lifetime. You can also get a personalised treatment of the holistic approach. It is complemented with the villas along with the beach. You will get the scintillating experience.

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7. Carnoustie Beach Resort and Spa :-

Carnoustie Beach Resort and SpaImage - tripadvisor

You will get a God’s own homeland experience within the most beautiful resort in the state. It is a 5-star gateway that offers a tastefully decorated villas with the indulgent spa treatment and ayurvedic massages.

8. Fragrant Nature Ayurvedic Spa :-

Fragrant Nature Ayurvedic SpaImage - fragrantnature

The 4-star resort gives a blend of wellness and picturesque natural enigma. You can explore the aesthetic purity and ayurvedic spa treatment. The resort promises a very pleasant surprise on your visit to the resort.

9. Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram :-

Shin Shiva AyurvedashramImage - soulmantrajourneys

Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram is an ayurvedic resort that gives all kind of therapies. It will embody the yoga and meditation therapy and will marvel out all the beautification.

10. Athreya Ayurvedic Resort :-

Athreya Ayurvedic ResortImage - tripadvisor

Unravel the unexplored terrains of the ayurveda with harmony and love with your beloved. You will get the rejuvenating therapies as well as the massage treatments.

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