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8 Best Beaches Of Andaman

The reason Andaman & Nicobar is undoubtedly the Beach Capital of India is quite simple- it has some of the best beaches one can ever be to. Boasting of many pristine and majorly secluded beaches, it is a pearl resting in midst of the blue ocean on all sides. The heavenly beauty of the islands and the biodiversity there only adds fuel to its aura. Though it is very difficult to say which beaches are the best, simply because there are too many of them, here is a list of the top beaches in Andaman: 1. Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock Island Radhanagar-BeachThis is one place that certainly needs no introduction. Voted as the Best Beach of Asia and the Seventh Best Beach in the world, this is a place every traveller to Andaman visits. Once you reach here, you realise that the tags it has earned are justified.  2. Lamanpur Beach, Neil Island  Laxmanpur-BeachWith fine white sand, this is a beautiful beach any sea-enthusiast would never miss. Along with the turquoise blue water, the glittering white sand creates magic on earth and the calm location takes you to a world of your own.  3. Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island lalaji-bayThe perfect location for a sea swim, Lalaji Bay Beach is one of a kind. The waves being not too harsh and the current steady, this is the place in Andaman where everyone would like to take a dip. With the calm surroundings and the palm trees, the setting is nothing less than picturesque either.  4. Ross & Smith Island Beach ross-nad-smithThe unique feature of this beach is that it joins the two islands that make up Ross and Smith. This sand bar in the middle of the ocean is a famous spot for tourists owing to the beauty it exuberates and the clear blue water.  5. Wandoor Beach wandoor-beachOne of the most famous tourists spots in the capital city of Port Blair, Wandoor beach is the perfect getaway for a stroll. Spread over a vast area, this is one beach where you’d prefer walking on the sand over swimming in the sea any given day.  6. Guitar Island Beach guitar-islandYes, the name comes because the island resembles a guitar! A seclude beach, this is an amazing place to spend a lazy afternoon. With the water not too wavy or choppy, it is a favoured spot for a swim. Or, you can just explore the small island.  7. Merk Bay Beach, Long Island Merk-Bay-BeachYou will see this beach as a white patch of sand out in the middle of nowhere if you are travelling through air, and I bet you’ll be mesmerised. But you need to come down, take a dunghi and come here to relive moments of freedom at being in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the Indian sub-continent.  8. Raman Bageecha Beach, Rangat raman-bageecha-beachA charmingly beautiful place, this beach is unlike most of the other beaches on the island. Not too suitable for a swim as there are many rocks in the bay, this is an acclaimed leisure spot. One can tie a hammock here and just lie down reading a book or just spend the time there, soaking in the beauty that is Andaman. May it be the calmness or the beauty, may it be the swims or the walks, may it be the wind or the sand beneath your feet- beaches never fail to mesmerise you. Go visit Andaman & Nicobar once and ‘mesmerising’ might find a new word in your dictionary!
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