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7 Adventurous Activities to do in Bali

Beautiful beaches, lush-lush tropical gardens, spellbinding rice fields and bountiful nature, Bali is undoubtedly a paradise to unwind! This paradise isn’t just the home for retreat, but you can experience a pool of adventurous activities over here. Here you go!

1) Seawalking - A Walk in the Sea

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Yes, you read it right. It is not a walk on the beach! You don’t need to be a swimmer, but should know how to walk!!!

Seawalking is relatively a new yet adventurous activity in Bali. Walk deep into the sea without getting wet! The tour organizers provide you support braces and special helmets. Whether you are 7 or 70, age is immaterial to explore mysterious marine life!

With minimum equipment and zero fuss, gear yourself for an enchanting seawalk to experience the real life of underwater world!

Location: Puri Santrian, Sanur, Denpasar City, Bali 80228

Phone: +62 361 283166 Timings: 8.00am to 3.00pm Cost per person for adults : Transport + Lunch - $ 85 or Only Dive - $ 75 Cost per person for children: Transport + Lunch - $ 69 or Only Dive - $ 59

2) Cave Diving - Swim with Sharks

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Dare to enter the cave of the sharks and swim with them? Here you go! If you feel scuba diving is too common for an adventure geek like you, go for this spine-chilling underwater challenge, swim with the sharks. You need training and special equipments to brace yourself, being a high risk activity!

Shark cave is a part of Gili Biaha Dive Spot, the most popular cave diving location. The cave houses plenty of sharks, wild lobsters, fish, turtles and unidentified sea animals. Care to join them?

Location: JL Silayukti, Padang Bai Cost: Rates start at $96 Phone: +62 363 41516

3) Kitesurfing – Make a Ride into the waves kite surfing baliImage Source

One of the extreme adventure sports in Bali, a blend of paragliding, surfing, wakeboarding and even gymnastics! A kite in your hand and a surfboard on your legs, gear-up to ride the waves like a master. Sanur is the best place for kite surfing.

The prerequisites – physical fitness and a lot of courage to get on board!

Location: Parama Sanur Beach Hotel, Jl Danau Tamblingan, Sanur Phone: +62 361 287749 Rates: Starts from $85 for training plus 90 minutes of riding

4) White Water Rafting – A Scary – non-scary Affair at Ubud

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One of the not to miss adventures in Bali is white water rafting! Enjoy the unforgettable adventure of white water rafting nestled with beautiful backdrop. A few find it scary and a few find it fun! If you are novice, certainly you will experience both!

Approximate cost is around $30 / person for 2 hours river rafting!

5) Water Tubing – Dare to go solo on a raft?

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A solo ride on a raft makes it water tubing! You ride alone along the water stream! With highs and lows, rapid moves and slow swirls, the inflatable donut shaped water tube, gives you the best experience with rushing water. Get set and get wet!

Location: Jl. Jendral Sudirman 3 Pertokoan KOREM, Bali 80234 Phone:+62 361 248223

Rates: Around $70 per adult and $50 per child

6) Mountain Countryside Cycling – A blissful adventure


Do you think cycling around the woods and lush green valley makes nothing wild? Mountain cycling in Bali makes the difference. Riding amidst the nature, capturing the sights of Bali’s very own Volcano, Mount Batur, with no traces of trafficking itself makes quite adventurous! Not to miss, if you are not a sea lover!

Cycling tour almost forms part of your itinerary! Check with your accommodation provider and include this activity!

7) Flyboarding – Become a super hero

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Wanna become a superhero? Don’t miss this flyboarding at Nusa Dua. This is something newest on the board yet quite invigorating. Wear shoes attached to the surfing board, the board is connected with hose! When the pressure rises and water ejected from the nozzles of hose, you fly in the air, just like a superhero. It costs $125 per person.

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