6 Best Adventure Activities to do in Mauritius

Thinking of Mauritius and not thinking about honeymoon is almost impossible. But then I thought to explore the adventure side of the little Mauritius and I am glad I took that decision or else wewould never know the amazing adventures this place has to offer. Here is some of what I found. 1. Snorkelling snorkellingWith coral reefs adorning the Mauritian waters, this place seems to be one of the best places for an amazing snorkelling experience. Blue Bay Marine Park, Pointe aux Piments, Trou aux Biches, Flic en Flac, Ile aux Cerfs are some of the best destinations for one hell of a snorkelling experience. With a wide variety of the most beautiful see creatures, this experience is one must thing to do in Mauritius offering sites to behold every few seconds.

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 2. Canoeing and Kayaking kayakingThis sport itself can take an entire day if you are one of those enthusiasts. Located on the North coast of Mauritius, Ile d’Ambre (Amber Island) is the hub for the best of Kayaking experience where you can move across mangroves, stop for lunch at Illot Bernanche, and then head to explore the old ruins of forests and then take a dip in the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius. This sounds more like exploring Mauritius than just the classic way of moving around the streets and beaches.  3. Parasailing and Parakarting ParasailingThere is no doubt Mauritius is one of the best destinations for the most beautiful beaches and lagoons in the world. But you know what makes it more exciting when instead of endless strolling you get to see a bird’s eye view of such unparalleled beauty under you! Grand Baie, Belle Mare, Ille aux Cerfs being one of the best parasailing destinations, giving it a miss in Mauritius is a strict no-no!  4. Surfing Owing to a 1974 flick, Forgotten Island of Santosha, this place has found huge popularity among surfers around the world especially the featured 8-10ft swell that attracted more surfers than ever.  5. Sky Diving skydivingYou can’t feel more lively and excited by taking anything other than Skydiving at 10,000ft from the sea level. This free fall is worth at least one try even the idea scares the hell out of you. The state of mind that you achieve is worth all the courage! You can also catch this experience by asking for a DVD of your flight to live through the experience over and over again!  6. TreeTop Adventures treetop-adventureIf you are all bored with the classic footbridges activities, you have come at just the right place. Located in the tropical forests in the heart of Mauritius, this place gives you treetop trek experience on Nepalese bridges and tight-knotted ropes. Even if some of your travel partners are not so adventurous and athletic, this place won’t disappoint with different paths designed for people of different ages. Get your adventure streak on and unleash the Mauritian excitement. If you are an adventurous honeymoon couple, you can’t just think anymore to decide the place for your honeymoon. Mark my words, this is where you are destined to be!
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