Top 10 Adventure Activities in Singapore

Singapore is not only about love and romance but also a great place to explore the place for amazing adventurous activities. There so much fun and thrill that you can carry out to make your trip a happy one.

Here are the top 10 adventure activities in Singapore:

1. Sky Diving :- sky divingImage - lifedaily

If you love to skydive in the most happening place in Singapore then you should definitely opt for the activity that will provide you with the free fall from the five storey building and tunnel. One of the most amazing activity to do in Singapore.

2. Indoor Surfing :- indoor surfingImage - klimg

Get ready to jostle the waves of the Wave-house Sentosa that will actually make your experience of Bali smaller with the amazing indoor surfing experience. It is one of the most exciting activity that one can do in Singapore.

3. Night Safari :- night safariImage - yoursingapore

Do you know what the experience is to watch the zoo at night with nocturnal animals? The Night Safari in Singapore is one of the most amazing activity to do under the moonlight. Get ready to explore the Asian Riverine Forest.

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4. Mangrove Kayaking :- mangrove kayakingImage - theshootingstar

What’s better an adventure to explore the Pulau Ubin mangrove forest for around 4 hours floating on the island? With a personalized guide, you are able to hop on your favorite tandem and can do the kayaking activity.

5. River Safari :- river safariImage - yoursingapore

The best activity to explore the jungle is through floating on the river safari which is Asia’s only river themed park. You can easily meet around 5000 animals during your River Safari expedition. You can also happen to meet the Pandas and Kai Kai during the safari expedition.

6. Reverse Bunging :- reverse bungingImage - wikimapia

One of the best adventure places in Singapore, Clarke Quay promise you with some of the amazing reverse bungee activities. It will give a miss to your heart beat and can make you reach the height of 60 metres with a rocket speed of 200 km/hr.

7. Island Hopping :- island hoppingImage - shahmietravel

Another great adventure activity that you can conduct is the island hopping which will make you get the experience of the beautiful Singapore Island. There are so many amazing things that you can do on the island and can explore the place.

8. Underwater Activities :- underwater activitiesImage - mapsofworld

The underground water sports are one of the amazing activities that one can undertake with the colorful and snorkeling water activities. One can meet and greet the fishes and hydro-magnetic coaster. Scuba diving and underwater walking is also some of the activities that one can undertake.

9. Biking :- bikingImage - britishcycling

Biking and cycling is an amazing activity that you can conduct in Singapore. It is an awesome activity that will help you get the best of experience. The biking island Pulau Ubin is also a great way to expand the resources in a much greater manner. There is a small ferry ride to the island.

10. Thrilling Rides :- thrilling ridesImage - themeparkinsider

The Adventure Cove Water park in Singapore provides you with the experience of some of the amazing and thrilling rides. These rides will help you to get the heart race with the great amount of adventure. Some of the amazing rides are Tidal Twister, Pipeline Plunge, Spiral Washout etc.

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