About Us

About Us

With more than 20 years of combined professional travel booking experience, the travel agents of holidaybirds cover all the travel niches in all parts of the globe. Whether you’re looking for adventure travel, luxury hotels, or business bookings, we’ve got you covered. But, aside from our experience and expertise, what else separates us from the competition?

Get the Most for Your Money

Other booking sites charge heavy fees for reservations and don’t take the time to look into the quality and value of the hotels, transportation services and activities they promote. Each service provider we select to promote on our website goes under a rigorous price comparison and service inspection to make sure you get the best service and bonus offers possible for the amount of money you spend. If we find any free offers or bonus upgrades (and we search for them daily), we give them to you. We’re also constantly price-checking to make sure we offer the best rates for bookings, whether it’s at a backpacking hostel or a luxury suite in a top hotel.

We’ve Got Your Back

We fully endorse every entity we make bookings for and guarantee your satisfaction. If you find something that isn’t up to your expectations or a service doesn’t fully cover what was included in the service descriptions given to you, we will work with you to either upgrade your booking at no extra cost or get you a discount. We go with you on every leg of your journey, and you can get in touch with us at any time of day if you need help or have an issue that needs resolved. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re backpacking on a shoestring budget or staying in five-star luxury hotels. All of our customers get our satisfaction guarantee and can count on our help in a time of need, should it arise.

Travel With Ease

When you book your itinerary through holidaybirds, we guarantee you a seamless experience. From the time you check in at your local airport, to your cab ride to the hotel, to the various activities you book through us, we promise you won’t come across any bumps in the road if we’ve done the bookings. We can set you up with the best local tour guides and provide you with any and all local contact information you’ll need to make your trip one to remember.

Book With Travel Authorities

holidaybirds only hires the best, smartest, and most savvy travelers to help you with your bookings. Together our agents have more than 100 years of experience and will take special care of you every step of the way. From getting information about pricing options and what to book, to actually helping you along on your trip, they’ve got your back 24/7. Start finding special deals and booking your trip by calling[800-800-1847] or by emailing us at [info@holidaybirds.com]